post-title Cabo Fish Report November 7 to November 23, 2015

Cabo Fish Report November 7 to November 23, 2015

Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report
Nov. 7 – 23, 2015

SYNOPSIS: A two week break since my last report mostly because little has changed. Tuna are out there a ways, mostly footballs, Dorado are around and there are some nice ones, a few Wahoo recently since we had the right moon phase, scattered Striped Marlin and a few Sailfish and an occasional Blue, inshore remained a bit slow.

WEATHER: Until two days ago we were having the perfect weather with nighttime lows down to 68 degrees and daytime highs in the mid 80’s. Several days ago it changed a bit with higher humidity and higher temperatures. Daytime highs up to 98 degrees and nighttime lows in the mid 70’s. We had some clouds move in, enough that we thought we might receive a bit of rain, but that has not happened yet. We had a few days of strong winds from the northwest that made for choppy conditions on the Pacific but it has calmed down a bit.

WATER: Swells on the Pacific side have been in the 3-5 foot range and on the Cortez side of the Cape they were smaller at 1-3 feet. The water on the Pacific side has been much cleaner and clearer than the water on the Cortez side but there has only been a temperature difference of one degree. Water on the Pacific side has been around 82 degrees with a strong current from the south, on the Cortez side it has been around 81 degrees with a weak movement of water for the most part. When you combine water temperature, clarity and current movement the best fishing should be between the shore and three miles out and outside the San Jaime Bank, all on the Pacific side and just outside the strongest current line. Guess what, that is the way it was!

BAIT: No change on the bait scene with Caballito and a small variety of other bait fish have been the normal $3 each and there are still no sardinas being found locally. Frozen Ballyhoo at $3 each has been available from some of the bait boats. Hopefully soon there will be Mackerel available, the water has to cool off a bit more though.


BILLFISH: Early in this reporting period the Striped Marlin bite was really, really good and almost everyone that wanted to catch one had a positive experience. It has tapered off a bit since then but should pick up soon as we go back into the full moon phase. There were scattered Sailfish being caught and early in the period there were scattered Blue Marlin as well. I had clients who released one about #350-400 and another around #200-250, both of them on the San Jaime Banks. Live bait was still the best way to get a Striped Marlin, dropping one back to fish that appear in the spread. The smaller Blue that my clients caught was on a live bait dropped back for a Dorado, dropped back behind one already hooked up. Imagine their surprise when the Blue appeared and ate the bait! A great fight on #30 tackle!

YELLOWFIN TUNA: As I mentioned in the last report, the super seiners were on top of the San Jaime Banks, and there were as many as seven of them at one time during the tuna tournament. That may have been, actually probably was, the reason there were only a few large Tuna caught during the tournament. Boats reported that the seiners were setting their nets right on top of the high spots in amongst the sport fishing fleet, helicopters flying overhead and chase boats working hard. The largest Tuna caught for the tournament was 210 pounds and we had expected there to be many of them over #200 caught based on the previous two weeks of fishing. Since then there have been mostly football sized fish caught, and then you had to find the right school of porpoise for that to happen. Boats and angles have reported seeing larger fish in the #100-#200 class breaking water in among the smaller fish, but they have been very spooky. The better Tuna fishing has been much farther offshore, many times as distant as 40 miles. Once in a while boats got lucky and found them 20 miles out but that was the exception. Also, contrary to normal, the best bites were on bright colored lures!

DORADO: Dorado were the charter fleet mainstay this period with most boats getting three to six nice Dorado per trip. Almost all the action has been withing three miles of the beach on the Pacific side or up around the Punta Gorda area and north of there on the Cortez side. As is common, boats with the best results were ones that dropped a live bait or belly strips behind a fish that was hooked on a lure. Patience was required, often slow trolling the live bait with the hooked Dorado for a half hour before more fish appeared. Using the first hooked fish as a teaser is one of the best ways to improve the catch!

WAHOO: This reporting period was during the new moon phase and there were some really nice Wahoo, as large as 55 pounds, caught by boats working the high spots and drop offs on the Pacific side specificly for them. Many boats reported getting bit by Wahoo but while fishing for Dorado using monofiliment leader, this resulted in many lost lures and not many fish!

INSHORE: Pangas fishing along the beach went mostly for the Dorado and had good success. Boats that fished this area also had some Wahoo bites. In among the rocks there were some decent Snapper on live bait and some Roosterfish in the #15 class. Using live bait also attracted Needlefish and they really took a toll on the bait count. A few small Yellowfin, some scattered Sierra and some Bonita rounded up the inshore action. Most of this took place on the Pacific side as well.


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My music of the week is the album “Jazz Collectors Edition” with Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Charlie Parker. Give it a listen, some great music here!

The information I use in these reports are obtained in many different ways, some from personal experience, some from my clients and Captains who are out every day, and some from on-line subscription services such as Fish-Track, BuoyWeather and SurfZone as well as HurricaneZone. I, and only I, am responsible for any errors made, as I sift all this information and compile it.

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