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Snuba Cabo Expeditions

Come on down! Discover the undersea beauty of the Sea of Cortez—without being a certified diver. SNUBA® gives you the ease of snorkeling plus the ability to breathe underwater, without cumbersome scuba equipment.
Many sea creatures just don’t come up to the surface within easy sight of a surface snorkeler. You don’t have to dive deep—even the easy 10, 20 or 30 feet down you can go with SNUBA® gives you a perspective you can’t imagine from sea level.

The way SNUBA® works is simple: instead of carrying your air supply on your back, you breathe through a long hose connected to a tank at the surface. You can’t go any deeper than the hose allows, so there’s no worry about getting “the bends” and other concerns that scuba divers deal with.

You wear a mask and flippers the same as for snorkeling. After about 15 minutes’ training session, you follow your Cabo Expeditions guide to encounter amazing tropical marine life. Total time underwater is about 30 minutes.

Snuba Cabo Expeditions

Recommendations and restrictions:
Bring sunscreen, towel, underwater camera, bathing suit. Minimum age 8 years. Pregnant women and clients with respiratory, heart, back or neck problems are not allowed to participate in this activity. also apply to other medical restrictions.

Price: 79 USD
Departures: 9:00 am / 12:00 pm / 3:00 pm Monday to Saturday
Duration tour: 2:30 pm Approx
Transportation: 5 USD CSL / 10 USD SJC Round Trip

Snuba Cabo ExpeditionsCabo Expeditions
Address: Blvd. Marina S/N, Plaza de la Danza Local 6
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico 23450
Phone From USA and Canada: 619-752-2294
Phone From Mexico: + 52-624-143-2700

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