post-title Baja action barely fazed by Dolores head fake

Baja action barely fazed by Dolores head fake

jpegEndless Season Update  July 17, 2015
REPORT #1452 “Below the Border”
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996


Early in my fishing career, there was a select group of anglers who had caught a marlin while alone on their boats – Skelly Wilbur, aboard his boat, “6-Pak;” Bill George, aboard “Misty Bill;” Robert Newton on “Bob ’n Round” and Don Abrego on his “Presidio.” Their exploits become my Holy Grail.

These men were rebels in a sense of the Satellite Outlaw Radio’s motto, “No fences, No badges” – proudly flaunting their ability to do something that the tricked-out sportfisher crowd with their hired-gun-crews couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

Hobie Outback, delivers a magnificent marlin moment,%20delivers%20a%20magnificent%20marlin%20moment

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