post-title Asian Experience at Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

Asian Experience at Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

Asian Experience at Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

An Asian Experience in Cabo
 at Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur,  Mexico

Daikoku Asian Experience  – What a pleasant experience! I went to Daikoku, the Japanese cuisine restaurant in downtown Cabo, and spent a marvelous evening. Besides all the flavors I had the opportunity to discover, I fell in love with the patio decor. They have a picturesque water wheel and some of the tables have a crystal where you can see water running underneath; these elements provide a refreshing waterfall sound that surrounds you along the charming dinner. That, plus the wooden and stony floor, the bamboo gardening and the decorative man made river with koi fishes engulf you in a very authentic experience. The indoor section is also magical, crystal clear and wooden floor with an absolutely clean and neat Japanese style. The hostess is dressed with the traditional kimono and speaks with a delightful Asian accent.

Oriental Experience 
Daikoku Cabo

One of the entrees I really enjoyed was the tuna sashimi thick cut (slices of raw fish), of course you can choose to get the thin cut. My partner and I selected a drink from the house called the “Mezcalini” which is like a Martini, but in this case they use Mezcal instead of gin or vodka. In these matters, Daikoku have two drinks to offer; one with ginger which is a little spicy and one with mint and cucumber which is a little sweeter, both are equally delicious. Granted, the bar offers several kinds of liquor, spirits, beer and wine.

Oriental Experience 
Daikoku Cabo

The menu options are magnificent; you can always try the traditional sushi or go with a more elaborated dish. If you choose the rolls, they serve four different kinds of sauces, eel, sriracha, coriander and hot mayonnaise; let me warn you that if don’t like chili pepper very much, go easy with the sriracha, is really hot and spicy. On the other hand if is sweet what makes you smile, try the eel sauce, is absolutely delightful, but I personally recommend the coriander sauce, is very tasty and exotic. As I was saying, menu is extensive, they have several kinds of soups, noodles, deep fried skewers, tempura, breaded and fried dishes or cooked fish. Teppanyaki and teriyaki dishes. Fish, shrimp, octopus, etc. Several kinds of serving rice and an excellent cut of rib-eye.


Daikoku is located in Boulevard Marina, Cabo San Lucas Downtown, in Plaza Naútica. Open all year, seven days a week, from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Phone: 624 143-4038 and (624) 143-4267.
They offer an event room, valet parking and take out service. If you are interested, also catering service and sushi classes.

Written by Antonio Vargas

Daikoku Japanese Restaurant
Phone: (624) 143 4038 | 143 4267
Open: Daily from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm

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