post-title An Outstanding Work in Cinema and mastering TV Screenwriting

An Outstanding Work in Cinema and mastering TV Screenwriting

An Outstanding Work in Cinema and mastering TV Screenwriting

An Outstanding Work in Cinema and mastering TV Screenwriting

Nicole Kidman receives and award in recognition to her long and brilliant career and Eric Amadio provides insight on how to take an idea to written words

Fourth day in a row, and Los Cabos International Film Festival continues with its amazing surprises for us all. For the very first time in her life, Nicole Kidman arrived to our sunny and paradisiac destination. But before I enter in details with this historical arrival, please allow me to tell you another amazing story.

Eric Amadio, Film and TV Screenwriter, Director and Producer, was the speaker of a very instructive master class, “From the Idea to the Script”; where all of us attendants had the opportunity to learn some tips and suggestions about writing from a master of masters. As a creator (writer, producer, director) Eric has managed to get a very prolific career. Some of the artist names you might recognize that have worked on his productions includes talents as Emmanuele Chriqui, Mila Kunis, Taryn Manning, Zoe Saldana, Noel Fisher and many others. He has created for television and sold the shows “Offseason to Stars” and “Snowfall” (2017) to FX, which has just received a second season order. One curious detail during that class was that Jennifer Morrison, lead character of the TV series Once Upon a Time was present during the whole lesson.

At night, in The Resort At Pedregal, all the press was congregated to attend the conference of the Movie Star Nicole Kidman. The yard was indeed full with journalists from different regions of the world. Nicole was gracious and very elegant. She was very fluid with her movie stories and everybody had a great time listening to her. She remembered how hard was to stop a camel in Morocco during one of her films, spoke of some of the directors she has worked with, Gus Van Sant, Jane Campion, Baz Luhrmann, Werner Herzog; she made special mention to the name of Stanley Kubrick when the subject of Film Directors arose. Nicole says that cinema is the work of one artist, the Director, and the actors and actresses are mere tools for his artistic purpose and that she was very happy and comfortable with that position.

A couple of hours later, Nicole Kidman arrived to the Gala Theatre, and she took special care and time to be with her fans chatting and allowing herself to be in many, many pictures. She received the award for an Outstanding Work in Cinema.

More than $5,250,000 pesos were granted in prizes in this sixth edition, with the help of the allies: Cinemex, FIPRESCI, Art Kindom, LABO, CTT EXP & RENTALS, SPR, Chemistry, Talent on the Road/World Talent House LCI and Producers Network.

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By Antonio Vargas

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