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Adopt A Family Program

Adopt A Family Program

Baja California Sur Community Alliance Launches  “Adopt A Family” Program

Bringing Food to All the Families in Need in Baja California Sur Requires a Community Effort

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – After just over a month of operations, the Baja California Sur Community Alliance (ACBCS) has raised 40% of the goal of $7.5 million US dollars to bring food to families who have been affected by the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across the state. Currently, the register of families registered to receive aid as a result of this crisis is 96 thousand households in need; of which 18 thousand are distributed among the municipalities of Loreto, Mulegé and Comondú with four thousand, eight thousand and six thousand respectively registered in those municipalities. The rest of the registered families in need are in the two municipalities with the highest population density, with 28,000 families in the municipality of La Paz and 50,000 families registered in the municipality of Los Cabos. These are the families registered through the Alliance and the municipal and state registers.

Korey Riggs who heads the BCSCA fundraising effort said that; “the need is great and the work of getting the food baskets to all the families in need is enormous. Which is why, it is necessary to have everybody in our community help this initiative to the best of their ability and for this, we have launched the “Adopt a Family” campaign”. This campaign allows you to donate what is necessary to cover the cost of a “despensa” for a family of four with sufficient supplies for two weeks. The donation is $ 20 US dollars and can be made online; directly on the Alliance page ( The Alliance works in coordination with state and municipal authorities to provide food aid to those who need it most at the moment, but the most important aid is the one that each of the members of our community can contribute. The need is great, but we also know that there are many generous people in Baja California Sur and we are counting on each of them to contribute within their means because, if we all participate, we can help all those who need it; commented Riggs.

As of May 8, the ACBCS has delivered 21,096 basic need and food baskets in the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos with a total of 11,003 despensas delivered in Los Cabos and 10,093 in La Paz. Donations made by this past Friday, May 8, have raised what is needed for 38,198 despensas, enough for less than two weeks. If we consider that 96 thousand homes need one despensa per family every two weeks, which makes the Adopt a Family campaign a crucial effort to continue to support the homes that have seen their sources of income disappear as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. A $20 US dollar donation puts food on the table of a family of four for two weeks, the BCSCA needs to raise $1,6 million US dollars every month to reach the people in our register, the only way toto this is with the support of everyone in our community.

The Alliance conducts deliveries under the sweeping format in priority attention areas with the support of Mexico’s Army, the Secretary of the Navy and the National Guard to guarantee both the order and biosafety of volunteers and those who receive food aid alike.


The Adopt a Family program initiative was launched to expand on the momentum gained by the campaign designed by Como Vamos La Paz, headed by community leader Lucía Frausto. Como Vamos La Paz is the NGO leading the food aid programs implemented by the BCSCA.
A $20 US dollar donation provides a family of two with a despensa for two weeks that includes; rice, lentils, chickpeas, beans, corn tortilla flour, canned vegetables, canned tuna, tomato paste, cooking oil, detergent, bleach and toilet paper.

The art used to illustrate the program is by the talented La Paz artist Diaz Castro, his whimsical characters are heartwarming and invite everybody to participate by donating to adopt a family who needs to put food on their table.
Donate online at


The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) is a coalition of Baja California Sur nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, along with several businesses working in coordination with the local and state government and the armed forces in charge of maintaining public safety and order in BCS, in response to the medical supply shortage and food crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Alliance seeks to achieve three objectives:
1. No person in BCS goes without food during the period of the Pandemic.
2. Support medical services by providing the tools necessary to effectively treat patients during the crisis.
3. Become a permanent network of support that is able to be activated in future emergencies.

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Baja California Sur Community Alliance Launches  “Adopt A Family” Program – 11 May 2020 – JAT

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