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Paraiso del Mar

Beachfront Condos and Single Family Homes, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

paraiso-del-mar real-estate-la-pazParaiso del Mar is, and will always be, a true island-living experience where residents, guests and visitors feel a strong connection to the Sea of Cortez and its confluence of diverse marine life. The owners feel an equally strong sense of communal pride within the resort, and to La Paz – an authentic Mexican town brimming with history, culture and a welcoming, family-friendly vibe. Discover the cornerstones of the community as envisioned by the residents and developers at Paraiso del Mar.

The Resort Neighborhoods of Paraiso del Mar are crafted to invite the simple ingredients of genuine living. They are unpretentious and grounded in the fabric of a peaceful Mexican town, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, The City of Peace, that embodies values reminiscent of simpler times in the 1950’s or 60’s.

Life at Paraiso del Mar becomes a celebration of Mexico, with its rich history, great weather, spicy and varied cuisine, abundant fresh seafood, delicious drinks, warm, friendly, courteous people with a zest for life and simple human values that are rare in the world today.

Here, life achieves a pace more in sync with the natural rhythms of the moon and the tide. Neighbors are friends, people from diverse backgrounds and interests, who would be fun to play golf with or go fishing with or just have over for a margarita. The sense here–that seems to rise from the land itself–is one of respect, for the human spirit, the value of family and friendship, the natural beauty of the land and the sea, with the endless possibilities for joy they provide.

Paraiso del Mar

paraiso-del-mar real-estate-la-pazLa Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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Paraiso del Mar, La Paz, BCS – 25 September 2018 – JAT

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