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Pepita’s Magic of the Moon

Pepita’s Magic of the Moon

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Pepita’s Magic of the Moon is the one and only designer boutique in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos. 
Original custom-created women’s fashion, fine beachwear and casual coordinates to fit any size. 
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
. Capture your true spirit and create your own style selecting from over 650 pre-washed European fabrics. Get inspired at Pepita’s Magic of the Moon and always go for the original. 
Sizes Extra Small to 4X. Come see our new hand painted fashions. 

To find it, you need magic… defined as: 

”A mysterious power that enchants” 

and that is Pepita’s Magic of the Moon! 

In downtown Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico.

More About Pepita – A Bit of History

In the spring of 1991 a lady named Pepita came to Cabo San Lucas with her husband Ron. They liked it so well; they went back to California, quit their jobs, sold the house and moved to Cabo.

While trying to decide how to make a living, Pepita realized there was nowhere in town to buy lingerie. She said, Panties? I can sell panties! So the idea for Magic of the Moon was born.

Pepita and Ron then proceeded to find and remodel a location, procure all the licenses needed to do business in Mexico and opened Magic of the Moon for the first time in November of 1991.

Because the location, at the time, was a little out of the way and being new, the first year was not that busy. Pepita seems to be a woman of boundless energy so while business was slow she started sewing beads onto bustiers, they were an immediate hit.

She then found that some people wanted the bustiers to be more casual so she searched out a seamstress and started covering them with wild fabrics. While these also became very popular, the customers wanted more. So Pepita found a supplier of skirts and slacks. Now everyone could have a complete outfit. Sales increased and so did Pepita’s energy.

In January of 1995 she found she needed more room, so she rented the store next door, removed the wall, moved the doors to the front and added a display window. As Pepita learned more about her customers, she found they wanted high quality merchandise and clothing that was different from the department stores in the U.S. She searched the West Coast markets but didn’t find anything very unusual.

She then tried going to the designers to find something that really “popped” but found they were overpriced and not all that different. After months of frustration she decided to try her hand at designing her own styles and realized she is very good at coming up with styles that look great on women of all shapes and sizes.

People really like her ideas. Pepita first designed a blouse she called the Cha Cha and a flowing skirt to match. These were so well received she decided to attempt designing dresses and has never looked back. Now with very few exceptions all the clothes you find at Pepita’s Magic of the Moon are Pepita’s own designs.

You will find an amazing array of blouses, skirts, pants, dresses and pareos. All sewn by hand, one at a time, in some of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. There are now even designs for the youngest of young ladies. That’s right, now you can buy a Pepita’s Magic of the Moon original creation for your little girl. They will even make up matching mother and daughter dresses. 1998 was another big year with lots of changes.

In May 1998 she expanded the store once again to allow for all the new designs and fabulous fabrics. Magic of the Moon is now the largest clothing store in Cabo San Lucas. Then in June she decided working with a sewing contractor didn’t give her enough control over quality and price so she rented another building, bought a bunch of sewing machines and opened her own factory.

This year 2000, has brought with it even more new ideas and creations. Pepita’s wonderful store manager, Geraldine, has become quite the artist and is hand painting beautiful artwork on some of the dresses for sale. One of the reasons Pepita’s styles sell so well is because she has designs for everyone, from extra small to 4X. She also accepts custom orders from a stock of over 600 beautiful fabrics, which can be ready in just three days. She also does alterations on Magic Designs at very reasonable prices.

Where can you find that this side of Hong Kong? So when you get to Cabo, stop in at Pepita’s Magic of the Moon first and talk with Pepita or her wonderful store manager, Geraldine and place your orders. There are so many of Pepita’s designs at Magic of the Moon you will probably have a difficult time deciding which ones to take home with you. She buys and imports only the finest quality designer fabrics and is very proud of her slogan.


Pepita’s Magic of the Moon, custom-created women’s fashions, Cabo – 28 June 2019 – jat



Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., México Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur


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