Medano Beach or Playa el Médano

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Medano Beach (Playa el Médano) is the main safe swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas and the most popluar. It begins at the east side of the harbor and extends along Cabo San Lucas Bay all the way to Villa del Palmar.

Playa El Médano (The Dune Beach) Medano Beach encompasses several miles of safe swimming beach beginning at the east side of the harbor entrance all the way to Villa del Palmar on the east end of the bay. Close to town, Playa El Médano (Medano Beach) is the main and most popular Cabo San Lucas Beach. Here, hotels, bars and restaurants compete for space, offering all the goodies most people come to expect from a prime tourist destination.

Whether you choose an activity such as swimming, jet skiing, kayaking, waterskiing, banana boating, parasailing and volleyball or just want to hang out and enjoy the beach parties, you’re sure to have a good time here.


Medano Beach, nearest to town, is also prime sales territory for the ubiquitous vendors who will continuously interrupt your siesta with offerings of everything from Chicklets to blankets, sombreros, temporary tattoos, hair braiding, and silver jewelry.

Cabo San Lucas Beach - Medano Beach or Playa el Medano during spring break


Don’t misunderstand me, Medano Beach (Playa El Médano) is a blast—it’s where the action is and is close to downtown Cabo San Lucas — a true destination beach for the young at heart. It is the place to see and be seen, where the party continues all day and into the night.

Medano Beach does not necessarily offer the tranquility of Santa Maria or Palmilla Beach but that’s what makes the beaches of Los Cabos so unique—there is a special place for everyone. Play volleyball, throw a frisbee with friends, or build a sandcastle with the kids—come and enjoy.


Medano Beach or Playa El Medano (The Dune Beach)
Except from Los Cabos Magazine - Issue #9 - 2004


Cabo San Lucas Beach - Medano Beach or Playa el Medano

Playa El Médano – Where the Action Is
Cabo’s main beach, El Médano (The Dune) is a fun place with an outstanding view of Land’s End. Stretching two miles from the Hotel Hacienda to Villa del Palmar and hopping with activity, El Médano is close to downtown and safe for swimming. Packed with restaurant-bars in the sand, El Médano offers beach volleyball, high-powered Jet Skis or Sea Doos, kayaks, small catamarans, sailboats, ski boats, boogie boarding, and parasailing. Snorkeling and dive trips to sites near El Arco are easily arranged.


El Médano is party central, known for all-day happy hours, people watching, and endless beach vendors. Popular spots to eat and grab a cool one are The Office, Mango Deck, Billygan’s Island, and Las Palmas. For less action, head northeast toward Villa del Palmar. With plenty to do and little surf year round, this beach is highly recommended for families. From downtown, walk around the marina past Puerto Paraiso and Marina Fiesta to the Hacienda Beach Resort; or drive via Camino Hotel Hacienda or Paseo del Pescador. Parking is scarce, prepare to walk at least a few blocks, especially during events, spring break, and holidays.


Cabo San Lucas Beach - Medano Beach or Playa El Medano (The Dune Beach)

Except from Los Cabos Magazine - Issue #6 - 1999


Hernan Cortes' navigator, Francisco De Ulloa, first discovered playa El Medano in 1537. From 1565 to the early 1800's, pirates laid in wait for Spanish galleons returning from the Philippines. Now, the action is decidedly less dangerous. El Medano (Dune Beach) bustles with activity of all kinds, from restaurant-bars in the sand to para-sailing, volleyball and bikini contests. It's also the closest and safest place to go swimming from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Stretching two miles, Medano Beach is a great place to hang out, with plenty to explore. Starting at the Hacienda Beach Resort Hotel to the southwest, the beach extends around Bahia San Lucas all the way to the resorts of Club Cascadas and Villa del Palmar. On El Medano, watersports rental huts are prolific, offering high-powered watercraft, kayaks, small sailboats, ski boats and parasailing. Snorkeling gear and dive trips to nearby sites are easily arranged. Beach bars and restaurants string the length of El Medano and an outstanding view of the arch is possible from just about every vantage point. Parking may be difficult, prepare to walk at least a few blocks during events, spring break and holidays. Foot access is easy all along the beach. Medano Beach, with ample facilities and very little surf, is good for swimming and is highly recommended for families. For those wishing less hustle and bustle, head east toward Club Cascadas and Villa del Palmar.

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We emphatically stress that swimming off all the beaches on the Pacific side is dangerous due to swift sea currents and powerful waves. Use caution. As you will discover along the Los Cabos coast, almost all roads lead to a beach and a new adventure
Please do not drive on any of the area's beaches. Mexican Federal law prohibits driving any motorized vehicles on any beach in Mexico.
Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Also, consider picking up any trash left by other inconsiderate people. Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful.

Things to Remember
It is important to remember a few things before beginning your Baja Beach trip:

Number One: There are no lifeguards here, not even at most hotel pools. So, try not to swim alone as no big lifeguard hunk wearing red Speedos is going to come to your rescue.

Number Two: One won’t find a convenience store on every corner here (or on any corner for that matter), so bring lots of sunblock, sunglasses, water, snacks, bathroom tissue, film as well as a beach umbrella, snorkeling gear, sand toys, etc. And don’t forget a bag to carry your trash out in.

Number Three: Certain beaches have seas with severe undertows, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. Pay attention to any warning signs.

Number Four: Remember that it’s illegal to drive on beaches in México. Environmental protectionism is growing in countries all over the world and one needs to be as sensitive here in México as in the USA. In either country, a fuel spill from one’s boat or 4x4 on most beaches can result in stiff fines.



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