standard-title Arch Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo San Lucas Arch, El Arco

Land’s End, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México

El Arco, in particular, is now as symbolically synonymous with Cabo San Lucas as White Cliffs with Dover or the Rock with Gibraltar. The naturally formed Arch bounded by two immense bodies of water–the Sea of Cortés and Pacific Ocean–is a staple image on postcards and photographs, on souvenir T-shirts, shot glasses, and tequila bottles. It’s co-opted for packaging and advertising campaigns and splashed across the front of travel brochures and local lifestyle magazines. Chris Sands, August 2015,

Stone arch at Cabo San Lucas with sand

Image of the Cabo San Lucas stone arch at Land’s End with sand under the arch. Sand is not alway visible under the arch. Different marine conditions affect the amount of the sand that is visible under the arch, including tides and seasonal currents. This occurs every 4 to 7 years.

The following is an excerpt from Ventana Magazine.
Captain Bob Barry of Day Sail Cabo gives a good explanation… normally there are counter-clockwise currents within Cabo Bay which sweep from Misiones and collect sand from Medano beach then curl to the base of the rocks which form Land’s End. The sand is forced against these rocks and has created two natural sand falls, one being over 100 feet deep which is near Neptune’s Finger. Jacques Cousteau discovered these sand falls and named this area “The World’s Aquarium”. Read more here:



Photo above taken November 03, 2014, from the Tropicat on a sunset cruise. No sand was under the arch


Cabo San Lucas stone arch at Land’s End with sand under the arch. The majestic stone arch of Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo taken in the morning of February 1990 during a year when sand was under the arch.


This aerial image of Land’s End at Cabo San Lucas, taken September 6, 2012,  shows part of Solmar Beach,
Divorce Beach and the Cabo Arch formation with little or no sand under the arch.  Photography by Joseph A. Tyson

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