Don Sanchez Restaurant Hosts ‘Destination: Baja Sur’ Press Conference

About 30 dignitaries and members of the Los Cabos media attended a breakfast on Thursday, April 7, 2016, at Don Sanchez Restaurant in San José del Cabo to hear about the culmination of first season and the introduction of second season of the filming of the Bill Boyce TV series Destination: Baja Sur.

Bill Boyce with Destination: Baja Sur at Don Sanchez Restaurant, San Jose del Cabo.

Bill Boyce with Destination: Baja Sur at Don Sanchez Restaurant, San Jose del Cabo.

Those seated at the speaker’s table with Boyce were Lic. Daniel Uribe, Los Cabos director of tourism; attending on behalf of Arturo de La Rosa, Lic. Jesús Corral; entrepreneur Clicerio Mercado; Bisbee’s director, and Brian Solomon of Solomon’s Landing Restaurant, a co-producer of the show. The purpose of the conference was to give an update on the first season and a look at what’s to come. A short film was shown to recap the first season.

Boyce said he was extremely pleased by the filming of the 26 segments, starting in Turtle Bay and ending in Cabo San Lucas, which were was shown on prime-time television on NBC Sports, the Pursuit Channel, World Fishing Network, and Wild TV Africa beginning in January. He said he now wanted to “bump it up a notch” by adding and Time Warner Cable to the list of providers. He explained the objectives continue to be to promote the lifestyle, beauty, diversity, and culture of the people of Baja; to motivate viewers to visit Baja Sur; and to tell the world that Baja California Sur is safe. “Unless the world can see the love and the light of Baja Sur, they will continue to believe in the negative reports by the media. That is one of the primary objectives: to dispel any negativity.” Now he says he is excited about the possibility and probability of producing a second season. “These series are entertaining as well as educational, in that they depict the culture, lifestyle, food, and people of Baja.” He expressed his gratitude for the support given and said he feels these TV series will dispel negative reports about Baja.

The second season will start in May and be filmed aboard a 161-foot vessel called “Pacific Provider” that will contain the equipment to produce the television show on board. They will film from the ship as well as from the shore showing the diversity of animals, fish, and the people of Baja Sur. An important aspect will be to educate the anglers along the way to maintain and protect the environment with alternative ways to fish by knowing the habitats of the sea life in the various areas along the coast of Baja Sur.

Sponsorships for the second season are available. For more information, contact Bill Boyce at or call (661) 202-0080, or go