Construction on Downtown Cabo Building Resumes—After 18 Years

Updated: November 20 at 8 a.m.

Los Cabos residents were shocked this week when they spotted what appeared to be the initial stages of construction resuming on a downtown Cabo San Lucas building (known by locals as the Gray Ghost)  that has been tied up in litigation for more than 18 years.


Known by locals as The Gray Ghost in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The Place at Cabo (the unfinished building) is known by locals as The Gray Ghost on Boulevard Marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The devaluation of the peso caused the original developer to go broke and abandon the building to the bank that had been financing the project, according to a report. The bank let the building sit there in an effort to eventually get all of its money back. The CROC construction union made a lien against the property for unpaid wages, and it was a court battle that made it all the way to the supreme court. Meanwhile Questro and a group of investors were working to purchase the property.

In a radio interview on the show “Los Cabos a La Carta,” the leader of the CROC union, Senator Isaías González, confirmed that after a series of negotiations between the government and the investors behind The Place at Cabo (the unfinished building) had come to an agreement that would allow construction to move forward.

During the same radio program, Questro chairman Eduardo Sánchez Navarro praised the deal, saying it would benefit the community and improve the image of the highly trafficked tourism zone. He also took the opportunity to stress that there are many investors in the project.

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