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Travel 45 minutes north of Los Cabos Airport to Baja,s East Cape and dip a generation back in time. Experience for yourself what it was like in Baja California Sur before there was a single mega-resort. Wander along virtually empty, pristine beaches, enjoy world-class sport fishing, scuba, swimming, windsurfing and eco-tours. Looking for an unforgettable adventure. Here the splendor of nature still dominates. Of course, fishing is the primary draw, and there isn,t much nightlife at the hotels, as anglers tend to go to bed early and rise before the sun. But if you,re looking to explore the area, drive up for a day and stop in at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.

You can obtain a Day Guest Pass at the front desk and enjoy the beach, the pool with its swim-up palapa bar where they serve killer nachos and a wide variety of Mexican and American lunch favorites. You will fall in love with the resort,s lush tropical landscaping, unspoiled beach with calm water and you may well book yourself an East Cape vacation next trip down. Hotel Buena Vista is also the headquarters for the newest trend in Baja California Sur—eco- or adventure-tours.



When most people think of the Baja landscape, they think of desert, mountains and sea. That doesn,t even scratch the surface. There is a world of splendor under the sea to be explored. There are hidden tropical oases, waterfalls and hot springs in the mountains. The only living coral reef in western North America can be found here, in the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. There are lush plantations terraced down steep mountainsides.

In coastal lagoons you can find amazing birds and other wildlife. There are ancient Indian rock paintings in the mountains, and crumbling, old Spanish missions dotted up and down the peninsula. There is even a zoo in the East Cape. Come stay a few days. You can book adventure tours through the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort and set out to explore the frontier just outside our front door.


Article by Ann Hazard - November 15, 2004 - Photos by Terry Hauswirth

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Eastcape Cave Beach

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