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Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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How Safe is Los Cabos?
We spoke to officials, residents, and businesspeople to get the ultimate status update on our favorite travel destination

News reports have trumpeted stories about violence associated with the drug trade, noting high murder rates, incidents of innocent people being caught in the cross fire between rival drug gangs, and horror stories of kidnappings and mayhem against foreign visitors.

Los Cabos (and Baja California Sur) officials and residents acknowledge the violence that has occurred in México, but are quick to point out that the criminal activity is centered in the border states of Baja California (our neighbor to the north), Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas and not in Baja California Sur or the Los Cabos area. Continue Reading >>>


Safe Travels
We separate fact from fiction when it comes to México travel. CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO

Article from Los Cabos Magazine, Issue #26, July 2011.
By Ashley Alvarado

Try a simple Google search for the terms México, travel, and safety, and you’re presented with more than 178 million results that range from the U.S. State Department’s April travel warning to endless newspaper reports on cartels and violent attacks. In this age of 24-hour news cycles, it’s hard to escape the blaring headlines and sound bites that paint a picture of a lawless country teeming with violence and corruption. Wading through this sea of mixed and misleading messages can be overwhelming and confusing, so we spoke with travel experts, government officials, and local agencies and consulted endless reports to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to Los Cabos travel. Safe Travels articles continues

Is Los Cabos Safe?
Your burning safety questions asked and answered.

Article from Los Cabos Magazine, Issue #25, April 2011.
By Ashley Alvarado

México covers 761,000 square miles, and its population numbers more than 110 million strong. Nevertheless, the actions of a relatively small group of people have earned the country a bum rap. This is not to belittle the very real problems that México faces. But these issues are concentrated in specific areas and do not affect the country as a whole. Those of us who know and love Los Cabos understand and appreciate your safety concerns. So we’ve reached out to government officials—both in México and Stateside—to answer your most frequently asked questions.
Is Los Cabos Safe? article continues ...

Safe Harbor:
Los Cabos Remains Smart Choice for Travelers

Los Cabos Magazine Issue #24 - By Ashley Alvarado

The headlines are heartbreaking and seemingly never-ending. Day after day—paper after paper—reports of horrific crime and violence in México are blasted across American broadsheets and airwaves. And, yes, it’s true. México is a country at war. Its leaders, police, and military are every day fighting a battle against drug cartels, corruption, and senseless violence.

But to characterize all of México as dangerous would be a gross injustice—and inaccurate. While there has been a spike in high-profile, drug-related incidents, a recent Brookings Institute study adds perspective. The report’s author, Latin American expert Kevin Casas-Zamora, told a Miami Herald reporter: “Violence in México is concentrated in a few cities … But in the country as a whole, it doesn't come even close to Washington, D.C.’s.” Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Tijuana in Baja California have been affected, but México covers more than 760,000 square miles and the vast majority of it is safe, with numerous cities and states boasting crime rates lower than in many parts of the United States. Safe Harbor article continues ...

Safe & Sound:
Despite misleading reports, Los Cabos remains a secure travel destination.

Article from Los Cabos Magazine Issue #23, September 25, 2010
By Sandra Berry

Although Los Cabos is already one of the safest places to vacation and live, the government’s local agencies are overhauling its policies, prioritizing the security of its visitors and residents. From the director of tourism to the federal police, their mission is to protect and to serve: at the airport, beaches, marina, and on the roads and city streets.

Contrary to what is reported by many mainstream U.S. media outlets, crime is not an all-encompassing problem in México. It is isolated, just as crime in the U.S. is not rampant throughout the contiguous states. Not all of the United States is under a crime siege by socially disturbed individuals, and not all of México is involved in drug wars. In fact, the crime rate in the United States and other parts of the world is far greater than in México. Bad things happen everywhere.
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