A Look at CANIRAC’s Sabor a Cabo 2013

Line up 50 international chefs and two dozen wine purveyors, blend well and what do you have? The eighth annual CANIRAC Sabor a Cabo gastronomy and wine event. Held December 1, 2013, Sabor a Cabo (which means “Flavors of Cabo”) attracted 2,000 food and wine enthusiasts to sample outstanding international cuisine and wines.

Sabor a Cabo, The Flavors of Cabo 2013

Club Campestre Golf Course, San Jose del Cabo, owned by Grupo Questro,
was the event location for Sabor a Cabo 2013

Upon approaching the event site at the Club Campestre Golf Course, which is owned by Grupo Questro and is the perfect venue for showcasing this extravaganza, guests were directed to their cloth-covered tables by volunteers from Building Baja’s Future, high-scholastic achievers identified by their red T-shirts. Lovely wine goblets etched with the name of the event were offered for sale at the entrance for those who preferred glass over plastic. Along the horizon were myriad white tents where some of Los Cabos’ greatest kitchen geniuses were busy preparing all manner of gastronomic cuisine.

Guests mixed and mingled while wandering the grassy slope from one open tent to the next, where for one price, they could savor the many offerings by the members of CANIRAC, the restaurant association of Los Cabos. The event raised funds for the fire department and Red Cross. Aromas of smoked meats, sauces, and spices drew hungry diners to sample everything from gazpacho and oysters on the half shell by Denni’s Catering to whole pork roasting over a roaring fire by De Cortez Mezquite Grill to decadent chocolate cake drizzled with raspberry sauce by 7 Seas Seafood Grille. Other popular items included ravioli from Sunset da Mona Lisa, shaved Parma ham by Romeo & Julieta, and foot-long beef ribs from Chamuyo. Wine poured freely by purveyors of some of Mexico’s top vineyards, including Casa Madero—the oldest vineyard and winery in  North America—and several wineries from the Guadalupe Valley of Baja California.


Carmen Carbajal, current President of CANIRAC (center)

A new addition to this year’s Sabor a Cabo  event included a VIP section for 50 guests with cooking demonstrations by international chefs like Makoto Okamoto of Tokyo, Masayuki Niikura, Manuel Arrendo, Angel Carbajal of Nick-San, and Salvatore Messina and Paolo Della Corte of Sunset da Mona Lisa. Special tables were set on a raised dais with elaborate table linens and floral arrangements. As the VIP chefs performed their magic, their actions were transformed onto the large screen at the back of the stage so that everyone could witness their artistry, but only the VIPs who paid extra for the privilege could partake of the gourmet dinner.

Sabo a Cabo 2013, San Jose del Cabo

Music from charro-attired mariachis (Mariachi Gavilancillo) and Mexican singer Fernando Allende.

Mammoth palm trees flanked either side of the large stage where Robbie Zolezzi acted as MC for the event, introducing Carmen Carbajal, current President of CANIRAC, who then welcomed everyone to experience the very best in gastronomy and wine. She is the managing source behind the family-owned business of the well-known Asian fusion restaurant, Nick-San, where her brother, Angel, is the chef.

As darkness descended, spotlights streaked across the clear sky and fireworks were seen in the distance.  As the evening continued, the entire area took on a party atmosphere as music from the DJ as well as charro-attired mariachis (Mariachi Gavilancillo) and Mexican singer Fernando Allende filled the air.

This event gathered international audiences, thanks to a major marketing campaign in conjunction with the Los Cabos Tourism Board so that not only local gourmands but also seasonal visitors and tourists could participate in this grand gastronomical happening. This event is touted as the largest event of its kind in Mexico.
Review by Sandra Berry, 02 December 2013

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