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Now you get to experience the thrill in the drivers seat! In the heart of the untamed Baja peninsula you get to drive in the safety of our custom built race cars, always within radio-shot of our experienced guides and the professional support crew of Wide Open Excursions! The controlled facility is just outside Cabo San Lucas.

Wide Open Cabo race cars are not “dune buggies” or “rails”, they are the same cars that race in the Baja 1000. With Wide Open Adventures you  will experience the thrill of racing in the Baja 1000. You will fly off single story jumps and slide around sandy berms all while safely strapped into a suspended racing seat by a 5-point safety harness system.

For as little as $395.00 usd, plus tax, you can strap yourself in one of our REAL purpose built off-road race cars. Then, our staff will briefly explain the basics on how to handle these thrilling desert machines before setting you loose.

Two options are available, and neither require previous experience. (1) Wide Open Adventure’s Baja Racing Experience is the perfect once in a lifetime opportunity to get behind the wheel of a “Real Baja Race Car” and “Battle Baja” on our professionally designed and groomed 2-mile desert trail that simulates the terrain of the infamous Baja 1000. (2) Wide Open Adventure’s Baja 1000 Style Pre-Run Excursion where you drive real race cars on a real Baja 1000 race course. Learn the tricks for reading the off-road terrain. These excursions start at $1,500.00 usd, plus tax, and include a gourmet lunch in the historic town of Todos Santos.

Take Wide Open Adventure's Baja Racing Experience in Cabo San Lucas

Come Fly Wide Open. You speed around the corner in a massive power slide. The rear tires are kicking up dirt, launching your race car toward a towering jump. You hold your breath, ready for take-off. In an instant, you take flight.

Welcome to our newest off-road adrenaline rush. Located at our exclusive 1,500-arce racing facility located just outside of sunny Cabo San Lucas, our new Wide Open Adventures "Taste of Baja" experience is a perfect way to enjoy high-performance off-road driving.

Wide Open Race Cars are powered by 4 cylinder 2 liter engines. They are outfitted with Bilstein racing Shocks that provide 18” of suspension travel. We run exclusively on BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires. Drivers are safe and comfortable strapped into a fully suspended racing seat with a 5 point racing harness. Each car is equipped with a 2 way radio system and an internal intercom system.

Wide Open Excursions - Cabo San Lucas - Activity Review

June 2011 - by Ashley Alvarado

Whether you’re a car junkie, a domesticated speed racer, or someone looking to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Wide Open Excursions is a must-add to your Cabo San Lucas must-visit list. The off-road adventure outfit offers drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a $100,000–plus Baja 1000 vehicle, a monster that—given the right driver—expertly maneuvers the peninsula’s wild terrain at speeds guaranteed to get your heart racing. Once you’ve experienced a trip out with Wide Open, it’s abundantly clear why the company has counted Paul Newman, Enrique Iglesias, and Ben Stiller among its devotees.

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Baja Off Road Experience - Wide Open Cabo - Wide Open Excursions - Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico