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Volaris Airlines

Service to Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Our vision is “to transcend by creating and living the best travel experiences.” Whereas, our Mission Statement states that, “relying on the best people and at the lowest cost, we enable more people to travel...WELL!"

Volaris has a workforce of close to 68 persons per aircraft. A workforce which proudly enables Volaris to reach world standards in terms of operations and quality service, through a productivity based compensation plan. The people that work for Volaris go by the name “Grupo de Embajadores” (Group of Ambassadors). Their training has been granted in concession to the most prestigious technical centers, guaranteeing on board safety.

As a high efficiency airline, Volaris decided to offer totally different services than those offered by traditional airlines. We proposed using the Toluca Airport, eliminating the extreme high traffic experienced at the Mexico City Airport.

Volaris has Mexico’s most modern fleet of airplanes averaging 2.5 years in age, thus guaranteeing lower CO2 emissions and a reduced sound footprint much lower than our competitor’s average fleet.

By the end of 2008, we were operating about 100 flights a day. We consider ourselves the airline with the best customer services yielding net promotions ratings of over 90%. We operate online with our website www.volaris.com.mx, which receives over 2 million visitors a month and has half a million subscribers permanently receiving our promotions and channeling over 50% of our sales. Volaris already operates 34 domestic routes in 21 cities around the country. This network of routes enabled Volaris, from very early on and through the end of 2008, to garner 5 million passengers, with an average occupation rate of 78% in this time period.

Step-by-step tips on how to fly Volaris

Savvy travelers know that every penny counts, especially in this still-suffering global economy. And, anyway, who wants to spend needlessly on overpriced airfare and travel expenses when there are souvenirs to be bought and adventures to be had in sunny Los Cabos? Fortunately for San Diego–based travelers, airfare options are not limited to SAN. The Mexican airline Volaris, out of Tijuana, is a cost-cutting alternative that saves on average about $170 U.S. per round-trip ticket, which translates to $680 U.S. for a family of four. Now that’s a pretty penny. Here we offer step-by-step tips on how to fly Volaris, from booking your flight to airport transportation and checking in.

That’s the Ticket!

Volaris is a Mexican airline, and its home page is in Spanish. To change languages, simply click on the “English” button in the top-right corner. The site is easy to navigate and the purchasing process seamless. Once you are eligible for online check-in, an e-mail will be dispatched.

Getting There

The only potentially onerous step of the trip is the journey from San Diego to the Tijuana airport. Unless you have a friend or loved one willing to make the drive, we recommend hopping on the Volaris shuttle, which departs from the San Diego Greyhound station. Tickets are $15 U.S. each way, and round-trip tickets are available—and recommended. Going and coming, riders are asked to exit the bus at the border so that paperwork and luggage can be inspected (you must walk across the border and through Customs on your return). There are no porters to help with luggage, so make sure you’re able to handle all your suitcases and that everything is locked. It is also a good idea to bring along water, snacks, and a small flashlight for the trip (lighting can be dim).

The Airport

Volaris provides a suggested schedule, which gets travelers to the airport with ample time to go through security, check in, and board. When you first get to the airport, there is a checkpoint to review passports and travel documents. From there, you continue to passport control, which is where you receive your travel visa for your stay in México. All luggage goes through a security scanner and hand inspection before you proceed to a ticket counter to check in. There is a final screening area for carry-on bags and metal detectors for travelers. Once you have received the go-ahead, you may enter the departure area, which is nice: comfortable seats, wireless Internet (Prodigy customers only), shops, snack bars, and restaurants. Volaris is a no-frills airline; limited snacks, soft drinks, water, and alcohol is available in flight, and you may want to bring your own snacks. Total travel time: 7 hours, 30 minutes!

A Safe Return

Homeward-bound travelers can expect a similar experience on their return visit. It is important to remember that no fragile items or liquids (e.g., tequila bottles) are allowed in checked luggage. Instead they should be placed in carry-on bags and rewrapped after inspection. The San José del Cabo airport is not large, but it can be busy, so arrive early. Once checked in, you can relax in the spacious departure area; there are plenty of fast-food and shopping options. At the Tijuana airport, once you have retrieved your luggage and gone through security with it, proceed to the main terminal and head right toward the exit. The Volaris shuttle booth will be to your left (if you Aeroméxico ticket counter, you are going in the wrong direction).

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