standard-title Underwater Sand Waterfall

Underwater Sand Waterfall Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The under water Sand Cascades or Sand Waterfall, are a natural wonder within the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. Found between 80 and 11 00 ft. deep, one begins to see the famous Sand Water Falls discovered in 1959 by researcher for the Scripps Oceanographic Institute of San Diego, California, Francis P. Shepard, and were made known by underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau.

The sand falls are something you have to see for yourself in order to understand how impressive they really are. I invite you to visit Los Cabos and make a stop in Cabo San Lucas to explore this beautiful marvel.

An interesting reversal of above-ground expectations: ‘rivers’ of sand flow along rocks on the ocean floor at this diving site.

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Ossiel Martínez, Diver-Oceanologist: “… the constant movement of the tides, the swell and the production of sand cause it to be degraded to make this spectacle in these small basins.”

An incredible adventure, discover the sand cascades in the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

The Underwater Sand Waterfall Cabo San Lucas

Underwater Sand Waterfall Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos – 01 November 2018 – JAT

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