post-title Tropical Storm Lidia: You Asked. We answer.

Tropical Storm Lidia: You Asked. We answer.

Tropical Storm Lidia: You Asked. We answer.

Los Cabos recovery efforts following tropical storm Lidia continue. We recently invited Los Cabos Magazine and Los Cabos Guide readers to share their questions, and writer Fernando Rodriguez set out to get answers.

How are the highways? 

The primary highways are mainly clean. Some of the lateral roads (in front of Costco) still have piles of sand that need to be removed. (This has been cleared as of late September 9th)

One of my favorites on the beach is Tabasco [at the Beach]. Are they OK?

Medano Beach was one of the areas most affected by tropical storm Lidia. Many of the beachfront businesses, including Tabasco, were forced to close. While some—like Mango Deck and Sur Beach House—have already reopened, others like Tabasco and Milky Way have remain closed. September is often a month during which Los Cabos businesses close for maintenance and staff vacations (it’s still slow season), and Tabasco and Milky Way have signaled they’ll reopen at the beginning of October. Check their respective Facebook pages (linked above) for updates. Popular Medano Beach restaurant the Office will reopen October 2 with a special party; all proceeds will be donated to the Cabo fire department. Edith’s had already planned to be closed Aug. 12–Sept. 30 for renovations.

Are the beaches closed to swimmers? How badly was the toll road from San Jose to Cabo damaged?

The newest toll road that leads from Cabo San Lucas to the San Jose del Cabo International Airport is the only one that lost a bridge; it was washed away. The toll road from the Mega shopping center in San Jose del Cabo was free of any damage, and everyone was allowed a free toll pass during the days after the rain water onslaught and flooding caused by Lidia. The only thing that hampered access to that toll road was the blockage of highway that was covered in six to seven feet of sand between the Walmart bridge and Home Depot. Once that was cleared a two days later, traffic was congested. But slowly vehicles were able to pass and find their way through. Access to Medano Beach has been limited to the pubic due to the area’s damage, and swimming has been closed. Other beaches like Chileno Bay and Santa Maria are open to public swimming because those beaches were not as affected as Medano.

We are flying in one month from today and headed to Villa La Estancia. (Is it open?)

Villa La Estancia, which is located in the between Villas de Palmar and Villas del Arco, is and has been open. Neither one of the Villa Group Hotels suffered any structural damage and experienced only limited flooding.

We are going to the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Cabo next Friday. Do they have any damage?

The Sheraton Hacienda del Mar suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever and was open the day after tropical storm Lidia passed through.

How are the roads from the airport to Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos?

Other than the last bit of road that needs to be cleared of the last few grains of highway sand between Costco and Walmart, there is nothing keeping anyone from entering and leaving any one of the three Pueblo Bonito Resorts.

What’s the status on the Riu Santa Fe?

The Riu Santa Fe is currently repairing areas of the hotel that were damaged by floods caused by tropical storm Lidia, but are mere days away from reopening. All hotel employees are able to get in and out of the resort for work, although guests and resort personnel are having to take a lengthier route in and out of the Riu Santa Fe and Riu Palace. Its Facebook page is responsive to questions.


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