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TOSTILOCOS! For the lockdown traveler looking to intimately explore Los Cabos gastronomy, heres a wild one for you to try at home.

Sweet, Savory, Crunchy, Chewy. The recipe itself is worth a gander.

Bare with me now, it’s a can of worms. Not to be understood literally. We can do literal bugs next time.  This snack is a tried true Mexican classic, regions will vary the dogmatic approach of its conjuring. As a true Choyero ill do it Cabo style.

It’s really simple to make, all ingredients are “optional”, as to availability I say determination is key! Let’s call this a scavenger hunt, there must be some effort for it to be a proper adventure.

Tostitos Salsa Verde flavor, the flavor is non-negotiable. This is the preferred serving container. Now even this is optional, in the absence of Tostitos Salsa Verde, we turn to the “tosti-less” VASOLOCO, “Vaso” as in cup, crazy cup that is. The Vasoloco is the same recipe and is a snack of equivalent relevance. To some even better than Tostilocos for its “healthier” traits.

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Chamoy, What’s Chamoy? Not sure, it’s kinda sweet, kind of bitter, not really spicy. Trust me, it’s a must. It does a lot for the recipe.

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Clamato, the ingredient list says tomato juice, spices, and clams. That’s what it tastes like. It tastes like the sea.

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Rielito, apparently actually called “Chaca-Chaca”, Its a candy made with mango, peach, apple and tamarind, powdered with salty chilly no more spicy than pepper, this is what adds the “chewy-ness”. To me, this adds complexity to the recipe, personally, I consider it an important addition to what makes it exceptional.

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Salsa Valentina, it’s made from dried chillies, it’s not even as spicy as your classic Hot Wings, it’s mostly sour, it adds a little well welcomed kick. It’s optional to some extent, absolutely worth its addition.

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CUERTIOS! PORK RINDS! I know I know! It’s weird, kind of nasty; Yet, really really good, maybe the best part, I mean, I wouldn’t eat Pork Rinds either, the first time I tried it I wasn’t aware of what they put on it. And bless my ignorance cause I’m never going back. I strongly encourage this optional ingredient, it’s a game-changer.

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Japanese peanuts, I think this is an easy one to find.

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Cucumber. Cucumber is the final ingredient.

Finally! We’re done listing ingredients! These are all good, yummy, things to have around the house, most you can have with fruit like Jicama, Watermelon, Oranges, etc. The pork rinds are granted a weird one, but well worth it as to add to one’s life experiences.

To make it all come together all we need to do is chop everything (i.e. cucumber, rielito, porkrinds) into bite-sized pieces, I say half-inched cubes. About two spoons full of each per bag of Tostitos (or cup), then you pour Valentina and Chamoy as if it were pancake syrup and finally you pour “some” clamato over it all. By “some” I mean enough to get everything acquainted, but not so much that you’ll make a soup out of it. Common sense is key, I mean, it’s a snack, we don’t need to get the digital scale out for this one.


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