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Something about TEQUILA
The most ubiquitous symbol in Baja California is undoubtedly that of Tecate Beer, the "cerveza" that is a source of pride to Bajacalifornia people. The familiar red and gold symbol with a stylized eagle is seemingly everywhere, huge signs above every bar, restaurant and market where the product is sold.

It started in 1944 when Alberto Aldrete took over an old brick building that had been producing vegetable oil since it was built in 1929. Aldrete was operating a small malt factory in Tecate and had been brewing a beer as a sideline for over a year. He named his new brew after the town and it became the first maquiladora in Baja California.

In 1954 the brewery was sold to Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, a major brewer in Monterrey, Mexico that had been producing Bohemia and Carta Blanca beers. Today, the Cuauhtemoc brewery also produces Superior, Sol and Dos Equis along with the others in several different locations.

Today only Tecate and Carta Blanca are produced in the Tecate Brewery. Carta Blanca is a lighter pilsner beer, and most Baja beerdrinkers feel it doesn't have the full rich flavor of Tecate.

The Tecate Beer that is exported is of a slightly lesser alcohol content, but that doesn't make it any less popular north of the border. Tecate has the highest canned beverage sales of any import to the U.S.

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