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A Brief History of Los Cabos, Part VII

A Brief History of Los Cabos, Part VII The Mexican–American War by Chris Sands, Travel Writer. The middle decades of the 19th century were a time of intense conflict in Baja California, not only with the United States government, whose army and navy invaded during the Mexican–American War, but also with many U.S. citizens, who […]

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A Q & A with Enrique Olvera: México’s Best-Known Chef Talks about New Los Cabos Restaurant

A little less than a year after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Enrique Olvera opened Pujol in Mexico City. The massive success of the restaurant–it’s currently ranked as one of the 20 best restaurants in the world–has brought its chef both acclaim and opportunities. In addition to Pujol, Olvera now has restaurants in […]

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