post-title Sea Cabo Activities Showcases Trio of High-Flying Adventures

Sea Cabo Activities Showcases Trio of High-Flying Adventures

Sea Cabo Activities Showcases Trio of High-Flying Adventures

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Each day, the sun-bronzed crowds that throng Cabo San Lucasplaya principal, Médano Beach, are treated to some rather strange and remarkable sights:  bikini- and board shorts-clad men and women rising slowly from the Sea of Cortés, jets of water erupting from strange equipment as they hurtle across the bay toward the half-mile-long Land’s End promontory—twisting, turning, somersaulting, occasionally plunging into the sea like predatory diving birds…only to rise once more, like sea gods or superheroes.


The JetBlade is one of a trio of exciting, wave runner-propelled adventures offered by Sea Cabo Activities.

These acrobatic adventurers, it soon becomes apparent, are only indulging in the latest water sports trend—aerial equipment powered by water jet propulsion—a movement kickstarted by former French Jet Ski champion Franky Zapata.

In 2011, Zapata invented what is now known as the flyboard, a simple contraption that at first glance looks a bit like a snowboard with ski boots tacked on. When connected by hose to a powerful personal water craft (PWC), however, the boot and board wearer is able to rise up to 35 feet above the surface and maneuver in any direction, often with spectacular results.

In the wake of flyboarding’s worldwide success, a new crop of adrenaline-fueled, wave runner-propelled activities sprung into being, including a few that seemed straight out of an old Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon movie. Prototypes of the X-JetPack, for example–a back-mounted propulsion pack that allows one to fly through the air with the sang-froid of a veteran astronaut surveying an alien planet–were once a staple of futuristic comic books.


There aren’t any training wheels on the FlyBike, a popular new watersports conveyance capable of high-flying twists and turns.

Sea Cabo Activities ( is Los Cabos’ home for the X-JetPack, as well as innovative water sports options like the JetBlade and FlyBike. When the collective gaze of Médano beach goers is riveted by a water propelled comet streaking well above the surface of the bay, odds are the big-air grabbing acrobat is indulging in one of Sea Cabo’s trio of high-flying adventures.

The FlyBike is the easiest of the three to master. With a built-in seat and handlebars, the FlyBike offers the familiarity and balance of a traditional bicycle, only with a lot more power. Forget pedaling, Jet Ski-generated water gusts allow for high-speed scudding just above the surface, or rapid ascents with adrenaline boosts available through hairpin twists and turns.

The JetBlade, meanwhile, is a variation on the traditional flyboard, albeit with increased maneuverability and control thanks to dual water jet thrusters. JetBladers get the biggest air, with the ability to slowly ascend to the height of a three- or four-story building—get ready for some startled looks from the terraces of large luxury resorts—and can also do better tricks, from dips and dives to spiraling somersaults.


The futuristic X-JetPack allows visitors to live out their science-fiction fantasies.

The X-JetPack, like the FlyBike, boasts excellent balance and stability. The backpack style attachment with over-the-shoulder hand controls allows for a smooth lift-off, and its futuristic appearance ensures an appreciative reception from the beach crowd. The X-JetPack is the only one of Sea Cabo Activities’ aerial adventures that can be done in tandem, although this is option is only to adults and children, not to couples.

As one might imagine, the wave runners that propel Sea Cabo’s activities are also available. Not the same ones, obviously, but the same model: powerfull 1100cc Yamahas wave runners that can outrace any PWC in the bay. The wave runners can be rented by the hour or half-hour, with optional guided tours offering an excellent introduction to the secluded beaches and evocatively shaped granite monuments—like The Arch, Pelican Rock, and Neptune’s Finger—that extend to Land’s End.

There are several ways to experience Sea Cabo’s triumvirate of aerial adventures, or to rent one of their high-powered wave runners. The easiest is to visit their seaside activities center on Médano Beach—which is located between Pueblo Bonito’s beachfront Blanco and Rosé resorts—then proceed directly to the offshore platform. Prospective air and water riders can also make reservations at For more information, call their office at (624) 143-2227 or email You can also learn more at

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