post-title Sabor a Cabo Rural 2019

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2019

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2019

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2019

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Sabor a Cabo International Food & Wine FestivalSabor a Cabo Rural 2019 will be held at the Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch on December 8, 2019, which will conclude the week of culinary events from Sabor a Cabo 2019 by American Express. Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch is located in the mountainous area pueblo of Santiago, an hour and a half and 62 miles away from Cabo San Lucas. Hostess Carmen Carbajal, founding partner of Sabor a Cabo and president of Sabor a Cabo Rural 2019 was accompanied by Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán, emphasized, ”It is a lively cultural event, with historical tradition and original local products, techniques and procedures based on corn, chili and beans. Mexico is one of the few centers for cultivated plants, of which there are only eight in the world. About 600 different dishes have been documented using corn in Mexico.”

The territory of Baja California Sur is characterized as a coastal territory, with products from the sea as the favorites to use in the preparation of different recipes. Each area of the peninsula has its regional dishes. In the central rural areas, red meat dishes stand out because livestock is one of their main economy-driven products.

  • Sabor a Cabo International Food & Wine Festival
Sabor a Cabo International Food & Wine Festival

Armida Castro Guzmán, mayor of Los Cabos, recounted how Sabor a cabo first started its sister event, Sabor a Cabo Rural in an informal meeting with Edith Jimenez and Carmen Carbajal in El Parralito almost 8 years ago. ”The great talent of CANIRAC in that rural area has combined to showcase many regional recipes. It was teamwork between the chefs of the restaurants affiliated with the native people to combine the local flavor and their natural environment. I thank Sabor a Cabo for continuing the challenge of preserving our regional dishes.” said the mayor.

Sabor a Cabo International Food & Wine FestivalAn agreement has been signed for three years between the City Council of Los Cabos and Sabor a Cabo, A.C., which guarantees the continuity of the festival with the following objectives: 1) Benefit the inhabitants of rural communities. 2) Spread the culture of the municipality. 3) Spread the natural wealth of the sea. 4) Publicize the vast organic crops. 5) Highlight the tourist attraction for lovers of alternative tourism, and 6) Boost the economic development of rural areas; which explains having this Rural edition of the Sabor a Cabo franchise in the small community of Santiago.

The geographical formation of the peninsula is 300 million years old and therefore the origin and natural beauty of the Sierra de la Laguna and the Gulf of California, are parts of Baja Calfornia Sur the even wants to highlight History tells us that the civilization in this municipality of Los Cabos began in Santiago, where the Jesuits founded the first mission and where the ranchero/ranch culture originated. The first civilian settlers were soldiers who came accompanying the missionaries. Founder and hostess Carmen Carbajal, asked the anticipated 1,500 attendees to use their own utensils: plates, glasses and cutlery. ”It must be remembered that Santiago is part of a nature reserve, so a call was made to take care of the environment,” said Carbajal. In addition, it was emphasized that the funds raised from the sale of the tickets will be donated to the municipal DIF.

Tickets are now on sale at Nick-San Cabo San Lucas and Nick-San Palmilla from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. At the Tourist Office of San José del Cabo, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm and CATAC in Cabo San Lucas, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. Cost per ticket is Adults $1,000 pesos and Children under 12 years $500 MXN. For more information please call (624) 104-3516.

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