The Brigantine Restaurant

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May 30, 2007 - by Matthew Dexter.

The Brigantine restaurant is an elegant oceanfront dining experience with a window into the Pacific. To be specific, the contemporary fusion Mexican dishes are cooked using international techniques. The result is a delicious new flavor, which is rich in substance and style, only found at The Brigantine.

The Brigantine Restaurant

A five-course meal in Los Cabos has finally met its perfect match. A better setting would be more difficult to find than the entrance to this restaurant, situated amid the enormous Playa Grande Resort, which provides a majestic and festive setting, and even a golf cart ride to the beachfront Brigantine from the valet parking.

Though the menu is not enormous, it is extensive and eclectic, offering a diverse array of delicious dishes from around the planet. Mexican seafood and steak are the house specialties. The salmon, shrimp, and lobster are magnificent. The exquisite decoration of the dishes is always artistic. Filet mignon, chicken, lamb, and duck are all cooked to perfection with sauces from around the globe, such as the African sauce, which accompanies the delicious rack of lamb.

The restaurant itself is luxurious and very finely crafted, with molding on the rafters of the ceilings and the floor, in fact the details are exquisite and the entire Brigantine is adorned with opulent decorative beauty.  This vibrant and picturesque surrounding creates a welcome and delicious experience in a fresh and magnificent setting. The ambience is magical, as the fading sunset changes colors and catches crescent-shaped waves. Boats pass in front of your table like decorative poetry in motion, as the restaurant staff provides formal yet warm service. From your entry to your departure you will be greeted with the utmost of attention to every detail.

Live music provides the harmonious entertainment that separates the Brigantine from other restaurants, in unprecedented taste and ambience, both of which permeate throughout the picturesque dining room and terrace like harmonious echoes of enchantment.The mesmerizing music is exuded with beauty, and a majestic flute provides a unique dining experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The Brigantine has a seating capacity for 60, and the spectacular setting is ideal for weddings and private parties. Most entrees range from $20 to $38 U.S., with the lobster listed at only $45 U.S. The Brigantine is located at the luxurious Playa Grande Resort. Open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Reservations are strongly recommended. Phone: (624) 143-7575.––Matthew Dexter.

The Brigantine Restaurant


Reservations: (624) 143-7575

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