post-title The Sixth Art Makes Gala in Los Cabos Once Again.

The Sixth Art Makes Gala in Los Cabos Once Again.

The Sixth Art Makes Gala in Los Cabos Once Again.

A Paradise Red Carpet Opening Gala

The Sixth Art Makes Gala in Los Cabos Once Again.

The Cultural Pavilion facilities, or Pabellón Cultural de la República, next to the Cabo San Lucas marina provided an excellent setting for the Red Carpet opening gala of the Sixth Edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival in Cabo San Lucas, held November 08 to 12, 2017.

A good number of people were present for the red carpet parade. Before 6:00 pm, kids, adolescents and adults were making line eager to see the stars that soon will be arriving to the main entrance of the theatre. A good crowd of press with all the gear was also there.

This gala is the first of four that will be held on this festival and in this opening we had several artists that were attending. Livia Brito, Sebastián Zurita, Christian Chávez, Xavier Velasco, Paulina Goto, Horacio Panchini, Miranda Bailey, Eugenio Caballero, Antonia Zegers, Leonardo Zimbrón, Daniela de Jesús Cosío, Cata Marín, Josselyn Garciglia, Zuria Vega, Natalie Morales, Cristina Rodhlo, Juan Pablo Medina, Cristopher Von Uckermann, Mónica Rojas, Alberto Guerra, el Diablito among many others.

This historical event had the presence of very important government and tourist industry public figures. One of the most recognizable was Eduardo Sánchez Navarro and Ernesto Coppel. Right after the red carpet parade, everybody got inside the main theatre where the actual opening of the festival was going to take place. Monica Rojas and Alberto Guerra were guiding the audience through the process and they introduced all the several key figures of the organization of this magnificent festival.

Alfonso Pasquel, President for Los Cabos Art and Culture Civil Association, Jorge Sánchez Director of IMCINE, Hugo Villa Smythe, CEO of Los Cabos International Film Festival and the Governor of the State of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis Pronounced their respective speeches for this gala opening fluently and briefly. Mendoza Davis made special mention to the whales since is the symbol for this festival, and also the audience were reminded that the Mexican Plastic Artist Nacho Gallardo “El Nacho” is donating his work (specially commissioned for this festival), to Red Autismo. The motifs of the sculptures are of course, whales. Los Cabos International Film Festival gave an emotive acknowledgment to Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, late Mexican Culture State Secretary for his enthusiasm with this particular festival.

The Kick Off Movie for this sixth edition was The Battle of the Sexes. American made, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. The script was written by Simon Beaufoy and is brilliantly interpreted by Emma Stone and Steve Carrel as the characters King and Riggs. This is a sports movie, and is freely based in the historical 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

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By Antonio Vargas, November 10, 2017

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