post-title Preparing Your Los Cabos Property For Sale

Preparing Your Los Cabos Property For Sale

The Secrets To Preparing Your Los Cabos Property For Sale Revealed

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The Mexican government has announced that 9,000 new homes are coming to Los Cabos to cater for the municipality’s tourism workers. So, it goes without saying that now is the perfect time for tourist workers to put their existing properties on the market, in preparation to secure one of these new units. But, before your existing home hits the Los Cabos real estate market, here’s how to ensure your property looks its best. 


Start from the outside

Buyers in Los Cabos are seeking out luxury homes which grab their attention from the moment they see them. So, you need to invest time in making your property’s exterior look its best. Trim back any bushes so that your home can be seen in all its glory. A fresh lick of paint will increase your home’s curb appeal, too. Meanwhile, integral components of your home, including the roof and gutters, need to be clean and fully intact to shield your home from rainwater. Therefore, a thorough gutter clean, roof inspection, and repair are essential before you put your home on the market. 

Give every room a purpose

The National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure reports that the average American family consists of 3.8 people. Meanwhile, Old Urbanist states that 59.8% of households have three bedrooms or more. As a result, it’s common for homeowners in Los Cabos to transform their spare bedrooms into home offices, recreation rooms or to use them for storage. However, it’s important to show your home to its full potential in order to secure your asking price. It’s wise to spend time clearing out these rooms and turning them back into bedrooms so that your four-bedroom home is sold exactly as that.

Neutralize your decor 

If your home is decorated anything like a traditional Mexican home, it will be painted in bright colors, such as blue, yellow, and red. In addition to this, the walls will be covered in boldly patterned tiles, and solid wood furniture will fill your rooms. But as 4% of the population in Los Cabos are expats, according to Expats in Mexico, not every house hunter will seek a home with such a strong sense of style. Consider toning down the decor in your home by painting the walls in neutral shades. It’s also worth cutting back on the amount of bulky furniture in your property as this can make the rooms look much smaller than they really are.

With thousands of new residential properties due to enter the market, you’re sure to want to get your existing home ready for sale so that you can nab one for yourself. By sprucing up the outside of your home, giving every room a purpose, and toning down your decor, you’ll be ready to sell your home, when these new units become available.

by Jennifer Redmond – 05 February 2019

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