Posada La Poza
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

La Poza, Col. La Poza, A. P. 10, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, CP 23305 Mexico

Phone: 612-145-0400 or 145-0461

There’s a saying in Baja that the worst roads lead to the best places. There’s always deserted beach involved and privacy, beauty and ample wildlife are essential. Camping is the order of the day, because rarely is there a world-class, boutique hotel at the end of one of these awful roads. There are a few scattered up and down the peninsula, but not many.

If you love the beauty and privacy of desolate beaches, but prefer Swiss linens and gourmet cuisine to sleeping bags and campfires, then Posada La Poza—an elegant, seven room resort at the end of a bumpy, twisty, rock-strewn dirt road only 2 kilometers outside of Todos Santos—is for you.

Owned by a retired Swiss banker, Juerg Wiesendanger (who also happens to be a superb chef) and his Czech artist wife, Libusche, this is an intensely personal place—a tropical palm and flower-filled oasis of style, grace and tranquility.

The most popular form of entertainment at Posada La Poza is relaxing on a chaise lounge by the salt-water pool and watching the 70 species of birds frolicking in the lagoon, which borders the beach.

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  Pelicans soar by, riding the warm air currents. Occasionally they dive bomb, scooping fish out of the water. Frigate birds glide above the water’s surface, touching down like prehistoric seaplanes, snatching up shrimp, fish or crabs and sailing off. Lease terns, cranes and ducks share the waters with them. The cries of the birds blend with the pounding of the surf, the steady splash of the pool’s waterfall and the hum of dragonfly wings.

Any mood can be satisfied here. If you’re hungry or thirsty, the restaurant and bar are only steps away. If you’re feeling curious, a walk through the gardens in an attempt to identify the different types of flowers, trees and cacti should suffice. If you get hot, there’s the pool. And, of course, you can walk through the jungle down to the beach and watch the pelicans as they convene at the water’s edge.

You can borrow mountain bikes and explore the area. You can drive into town and wander through the numerous art galleries and have a drink or a snack at the many excellent restaurants. As it nears time for sunset, however, you will insist on being back at Posada La Poza. How could you miss out on sipping a margarita on the Ballena Deck, counting whale spouts as the sky melts into gold, crimson and orange. Soon afterward, as the last light seeps out of the sky, the delicious aroma of gourmet Mexican cuisine will lure you down to Restaurante El Gusto for a romantic, candlelit dinner.

Spend a few days here at Posada La Poza, and you will realize you have never been so relaxed!

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