standard-title Playa Barco Varado Shipwreck Beach

Playa Barco Varado or Shipwreck Beach

Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Playa Barco Varado or Shipwreck Beach fronts the ocean finishing holes of the Jack Nicklaus Ocean Course, near Sheraton Grand Los Cabos (Sheraton Hacienda del Mar), and can be seen from Pitayitas Bar at Pitahayas Restaurant. This beach is named as the location the wreck of the Inari Maru, a Japanese tuna boat that sunk offshore in the 1960s. None of the shipwreck remains. Families will enjoy exploring the tidal pools, and swimming is possible, too, but not recommended for small children.


The beach entrance is via a road along the west side of the resort and Pitahayas Restaurant.

Playa Barco Varado Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos, Baja California SurUpdate 16 June 2017: Access to this beach is available for use during daylight hours for hotel guests, locals, and tourists not staying at the resort. Take the exit off the four lane for Sheraton Grand Los Cabos and Pitahayas Restaurant. Access to this beach is by using the first paved road just past the entrance to Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Resort. Turn toward the beach and  drive to the end of the road. There is limited parking, There are steps down to the beach area. There are no facilities at this beach. The section of this beach heading away from the hotel toward the Lighthouse is popular for surf-fishing.

INARI MARU 10 THE VARADO BOAT – By Abel David Green Moreno 
Ten kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, (along the Tourist Corrider) towards San José del Cabo, there is a place called El Zalatito or Playa El Zalate; And today it is known as El Barco Varado. The name is due to the fact that on August 28, 1965, there was a shipwreck of the fishing boat named Inari Maru 10  of 500 tons, of Japanese nationality.

More photos of the old shipwreck at the following:

NOTICE:  This beach is not to be confused with Shipwrecks Beach, a popular surf spot on the East Cape..

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