post-title Organic Market at The Shoppes At Palmilla

Organic Market at The Shoppes At Palmilla

Organic Market at The Shoppes At Palmilla

Organic Market at The Shoppes At Palmilla

Organic Market – The Shoppes At Palmilla – Organic, that might be a word that a lot of us take for granted. But for others, it’s a label that we put on foods that have been brought to us that have not gone through any kind of unnatural process before reaching the consumer. To keep this simple, organic means products that were either created, prepared or raised without using genetically modified ingredients, no chemicals were used to kill bugs and weeds and all pesticides are natural and no chemical additives were added to keep fresh for an unnatural amount of time. A lot of the time, we as consumers go to our nearest supermarket to purchase food products that we will later consume by ourselves or with our families without much concern on where it came from or how it was raised. The food industry, simply put is big business and if they can find a way to cut corners and costs, they will do it in which to raise their profit margins. Some people started being concerned about this along with farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and others who raise livestock and in this process, organic markets started to pop up around the world.

There have been a few that have started up in the Los Cabos area over the past few years, but the one that I will talk about today is one that is held at “The Shoppes At Palmilla” just south of San Jose del Cabo. The Organic Market is being managed and run by a woman named Patty Soto and she has been doing this for the past 10 years. The schedule of the market is very simple. They open the first Friday of November and close the last Friday of April. The hours of operation are from 9 am to 1 pm. What Patty has tried to create is the ambiance of a authentic Mexican Mercado. I will hi-lite some of the booths and stands that will be present when you attend. To clarify the days that they are open, they are only open on Friday’s.

There are many small farms in the area surrounding Los Cabos. The farmers or growers will bring their produce to sell that was generally picked that morning so you know it is fresh. There is a baker who makes sour dough bread that has different flavor components so you can match it up with the dinner you have planned for later on in the day. If you contact the baker in advance, he will make bread for you which is gluten free. There is a stand that sells organic honey and has nine different styles to choose from. I was surprised to find out that approximately 70% of the honey that is sold in the U.S. has gone through some kind of process which removes a lot of the pollen’s. Another stand sells food like lasagna and curry dishes that you can take home and simply heat up and enjoy. If you enjoy Perogies which are like dumplings from Eastern Europe, there is a stand that sells six different styles of Perogies in packages of six that only cost $100 pesos. If you are hungry, there is a food stand that that makes the best quesadillas that I have ever had and next to her is a stand that sells fresh juices that are currently in season including fresh orange juice. Everyone like desserts and there is a stand that makes fruit tarts which are out of this world. If he has either pear or lemon, buy one of each, you will not be disappointed. There is also a flower stand that sells freshly cut flowers to brighten up your home or put a smile on someones face that you truly care about.

To round out the Organic Market, over the past few years, Patty has added arts and crafts to again give you the feel of an authentic Mexican Mercado. But what she has also done is to try and help out the local community. There is a stand from the local Humane Society which helps home-less dogs and cats. Liga Mac is an organization that works with people by providing scholarships. Finally there is an organization called Inspire Mexico which is a new foundation which is the first food bank in Baja California Sur. If you’re in Cabo during the high season, you owe it to yourself to visit and experience one of the unique things that Cabo has to offer to it’s residents and it’s visitors. Please enjoy your time at the Organic Market being held at “The Shoppes At Palmilla“.

Written By Michael Bobo

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The Shoppes at Palmilla
Tourist Corridor. KM 27.5, Palmilla, 23406 San José del Cabo, B.C.S.
Phone: +52 (624) 144-6999

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