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Opalos de Mexico

Opalos de Magdalena, Jalisco, Mexico

The Mexican Opal, a natural stone. There is an opal strip that runs from the southern part of our continent, in central parts of Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and the northern parts of the United States, Canada and Alaska. And it is precisely in the Mexican Republic where all these rare, pure, multicolor opals concentrate; in the southern states, Veracruz, Central part, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Michoacán, Guanajuato Jalisco Nayarit and towards the north Chihuahua. In all these states there news on the findings of opal, but Queretaro leads them all in the pioneering of opal mines. There are about 300 Opal mines in the state of Jalisco. It has been said that in the time of the conquest opals were used by our ancestors and that when the Spaniards arrived in Mexico they were so bedazzled by this precious gem that they took over all the mines looking for them.


We invite you to live a totally different experience, visiting the mine ” LA LUPITA ” that it is in the heart of the mining area of San Simon municipality of Magdalena Jalisco, located at only 9 Km, of Magdalena. Come with us and we will take you into the fascinating and mysterious world that encloses this precious gem.

Our tour is composed of a visit to the mine where you can look for you own opal. Visit the workshops where you can polish your stone with our assistance. Information, orientation and details so that you will know, distinguished and value the different qualities of opal. Relax in the Mining Ranch and visit the Museum-Shop where you can admire photographs of the different mines, view Art Pieces that have won prices in National Craft Contests. Shop for silver and gold, obsidian turtles with opal shells, miniature figures of opal matrix; lose stones and other interesting that we have prepared for you.

Dare to discover and explore the Magic and Mysterious world that evolves this extraordinary gem that we proudly have it as the: “NATIONAL STONE”

Opalos de México – Opalos de Magdalena, S.A. de C.V.
Independencia #115, Centro
Magdalena, Jalisco, Mexico CP 46470
Contact Information: Juan Jose Virgen A
Phone / Fax: (374) 4-0447
E-mail: –

More information and resources about Mexican Opals and Mexican Fire Opals

Mexican Opals Photographs – Page One
Opalos de Mexico – Magdalena, Jalisco, México, May 2006

Photographs of Mexican Opals – Page 2

Photographs from the Mexican Opal mine “Santo Niño”,
Rancho San Simón. located in the town of Magdalena, Jalisco

Mexican Fire Opals
Mexico has the most important locations of Fire Opal in the world.

Photographs of Mexican Opals, some as Jewelry

Photographs from the Opal Mine
Photographs from the Mexican Opal mine “Santo Niño”,
Rancho San Simón. located in the town of Magdalena, Jalisco

Mexican Opals Photographs
Opalos de Mexico – Magdalena, Jalisco, México
Photos from my visit May 2006 to the opal mine in Magdalena.

The Lure of the Mexican Fire Opal
While opal is not a very soft stone ( it’s hardness is from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale – harder than turquoise, malachite and lapis) , it will scratch with wear and some care must be taken with it. Opal may crack if subjected to a hard hit. However, an opal that is properly set will last several lifetimes . A well-set opal is nestled down into its setting with gold protecting its thin bottom edge. It should never be set in prongs like a diamond.


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