standard-title Mexican Fire Opals Resources

Mexican Fire Opals Resources

Links and Resources for Opals, Mexican Fire Opals, Opal Jewelry and Photographs.

The American Gem Society – The Importance of Knowledgeable Service – Members of the American Gem Society are dedicated to providing the most knowledgeable service to their customers. Upon successful completion of prerequisite gemological training and coursework offered by the Society, members are awarded titles that designate their level of knowledge and expertise.

Canadian Institute of Gemology – Detailed and interesting information about the Mexican Opal. Nice photographs of Mexican opals and mining operations nera Queretaro, Mexico.

The Rio Grande – Gems & Findings – jewelry and findings

Mexico Opalos Corporation .

Gem Gallery – Opal information – information and photos about opals and other gems.

International Colored Stone Association – The International Colored Gemstone Association is a non-profit association which was founded in 1983 to represent the international gemstone industry. The ICA is the first and only organization working to increase the understanding, appreciation, and sales of colored gemstones worldwide.

Opalos de Mexico – Invites you to live a totally different experience, discovering and exploring the Magic and Mysterious world that evolves the extraordinary opal gem visiting the mine ” LA LUPITA ” that it is in the heart of the mining area of San Simon municipality of Magdalena, Jalisco, Mexico.

The Opal Mine – Opal Encyclopedia – a good reference source for information about Opals in general. How to care for your Opals, Opal Shapes and Settings, picture guide to Opals and more.

U.S. Geological Survey / Department of the Interior – Information about Opal – brief history, description and locations of mining locations in the United States. www.

West Coast Mining – Opall Butte Opal – Over 22 years of exploration, mining, and creating products for you, our prospective customer, to enjoy as well as consider for your lapidary and/or jewelry business pursuits. West Coast Mining, College Place, WA 99324.

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