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Los Cabos Rebates
San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Rebates
 is a privately funded Mexican tourism agency whose intention is to motivate U.S. and Canadian travelers to choose Los Cabos over other popular beach destinations for their vacations.

Funded by leading Mexican resorts, this program will entice potential visitors with their free round transportation to make the decision to visit Mexico and discover the natural beauty that has made Cabos famous. Along the way, sponsoring resorts will showcase their incredible amenities and vacation values to participating visitors.

It's an opportunity for tourists and travel vendors alike to show why Cabos  is "Your home when you are out of home!". We want to drive more tourism to LOS CABOS, that is the reason why LOS CABOS REBATE$ is offering previously  CASH REBATE$ to tourists who choose Cabos!

Your rebate is paid in CASH, not coupons or vouchers. You'll be paid in Mexican Pesos of course, and at the current exchange rate.

To qualify for the cash rebates, couples must meet certain age and income qualifications because we are trying to attract the more typical mid-range traveler. We also offer to our tourists the Airport Shuttle for free with a concierge that will explain them the Cash Rebate program and the whole destination.
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Los Cabos Rebates - San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

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