post-title Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Online Now

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Online Now

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Online Now

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Fall 2017 edition is now online for digital viewing

Welcome to Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Fall 2017 your guide to adventure and travel at Land’s End. Whether you’re visiting Los Cabos for the first time or the 40th, here you’ll find information on how to maximize your time in paradise.

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Fall 2017

Los Cabos Magazine Issue 48 Fall 2017

You can’t come to Los Cabos without visiting our incredible beaches, and in “Beach, Please,” on page 50, contributing writer Fernando Rodriguez provides a breakdown of the most swimmable, most photogenic, and most surfable stretches of sand.

While you’re here, you’ll want to hit up the excellent shopping scene, a blend of high-end boutiques, handcrafted jewelry, and modern must-haves (MacStore!). Longtime resident Sandra A. Berry shares “A Local’s Guide to Shopping” on page 24.

We also highlight the social season’s biggest events in “Mark Your Calendars,” on page 28. It’s a quick look at the signature affairs that bring out not only residents but foodies and enthusiasts from around the world.

Of course, the amazing lineup of adventures is one of the region’s biggest draws. We explore Baja’s outback, on page 44, as well as a guide to the best activities in “The Directory,” on page 54.

The Los Cabos social scene traditionally peaks in fall and winter, roughly November through May; that’s when hordes of tourists, dignitaries, business leaders, world-class athletes, and more fly down for the winter and Los Cabos gets ready to offer a hearty welcome with the social season. It’s a time of fetes, fundraisers, and fun. Whether you are a social butterfly, like to party for a cause, or just like to see and be seen, there’s plenty to do. For more event listings, visit

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View the online digital version at this link.

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