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Los Cabos Convention Center

San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Los Cabos Convention Center Designed to host global leaders at a G20 summit held in 2012, the Los Cabos Convention Center in Baja California Sur now lies forgotten and neglected, yet another testament to wasteful projects. The proper name is Centro Internacional De Convenciones De San Jose Del Cabo B.C.S.

A green wall with 2,000 square meters of indigenous plants, once dubbed the largest of its kind in the world and considered the center’s most attractive feature, is now overrun with rotting vegetation.

Then in September 2014 Hurricane Odile struck, causing 50 million pesos worth of damage and delays to a tender put out for the facility’s completion.

Los Cabos Convention Center It was originally thought it would be used for tourism conventions after the G20 meeting, but local travel businesses have been at a loss as to how to benefit from a dilapidated public building that shows no sign of ever being completed.

However, state Tourism Secretary Genaro is optimistic that the center will be open for business again through a public-private partnership, and said last month that foreign investors have expressed interest in becoming involved.



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