Liga M.A.C. - San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico
Liga M.A.C. is a registered Mexican charitable organization. We are made up of Mexican, American and Canadian members. We organize fundraising events in order to assist members of the San Jose del Cabo community. “Mano con mano” is a helping hand offered to a hand in need.

Our vision is that none of the families or individuals of San Jose del Cabo be deprived of food, education or medical treatment due to financial constraints.
Liga MAC - A Los Cabos Charity

Liga MAC - Charity Programms Who does Liga M. A. C. help?

We extend a helping hand to families and individuals in the San Jose area who are in dire need of medical assistance or daily necessities. We are developing educational programs to help children to continue their education and to train adults for future job placement.

Liga M.A.C. members go into local communities to provide medicine, food, clothing and comfort wherever it is needed. We have assisted the elderly, single mothers and children  requiring expensive medical treatment. We have provided bedding, school supplies, personal hygiene products and medical supplies to local hospitals and schools.

We are now sponsoring, with the assistance of the local medical community, educational seminars. Liga M.A.C. also works in the spirit of co-operation with other local charities.

Liga M.A.C. Service Programs?

Community Care:

We provide food, medicine, clothing and household items to impoverished families or individuals in the San Jose del Cabo area. Many of these items are donated to us by the local community. Currently these families are predominantly, single mothers, families with handicapped children and elderly individuals. We also help these families to enroll in a new Government Health Care program. We have plans to expand this program to more families in the near future.

Social Service: Emergency Care and Medical Assistance
We aid Patients, often children, recommended to us by Social Workers, local Doctors, or other qualified individuals, Who are in need of immediate serious medical procedures or medications they can’t afford and that there is no Government Assistance for.

Educational Support:  Uniform Assistance
Children in Mexico are only required to attend Elementary School and the cost of both required uniforms and school supplies increases after Elementary School. In order to help low income family children continue on to Jr High and High School we provide Uniforms and School Supplies annually to students of qualified families.

The students are required to provide us with school report cards to verify their continued effort and progress with their education. This is another program we plan to make available to more students. We also want to create some tutoring programs to support these students in their studies.

Palo Escopeta Dormitory School:
Palo Escopeta School is located on a dirt road about 45 minutes outside of San Jose. It provides an elementary education for the children of the local ranchers that live too far away from town for their children to attend school. About 48 to 50 students live at the school Monday – Friday and return home for the weekends.

The School is part of the municipal school system and receives some government assistance. It is over 20 years old and always in need of maintenance and school supplies. We provide monthly support for the children in the form of daily hygiene items, bedding and basic school supplies (paper, pencils, art supplies, etc.) We also assist with building maintenance when it isn’t provided by the city.

Liga MAC - The spirit of co-operation

Liga MAC - A Mexican Charitable Organization

Liga MAC - Fundraising Events

Liga M. A. C. - Los Cabos

Our Mailing Address
Apartado Postal # 307
San Jose del Cabo,
Baja California Sur CP 23400, Mexico

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Liga MAC - A Los Cabos Charity

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