post-title Leatherback turtle spawning in Los Cabos

Leatherback turtle spawning in Los Cabos

Leatherback turtle spawning in Los Cabos

Leatherback turtle spawns in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Today, December 29th at the edge of 00:30 am, I received a message from the security personnel of the Hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso by Rosewood (Member of the Network for the Protection of the Sea Turtle) to report a leatherback turtle spawning !!

I went to the place to attend the spawning, since the eggs of this species require special incubation. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised because security elements were guarding the area to prevent the turtles from being disturbed and ready to protect the nest as soon as spawning began. Fernando Duarte, Fernando H. Luz, Giovani Pérez, Efrain Aparicio, Daniel Osorio and I were waiting and protected the brood.

La Tortuga was a specimen weighing over half a ton and around 2.5 m long. A majestic animal and everyone present was lucky to be able to see it, since this species is Critically Endangered. Experts believe that if the problems that are decreasing their populations are not stopped, the Leatherback turtles are likely to become extinct in the coming decades.

In total, a total of 110 eggs were protected, which were transferred to the incubation chamber located at the Hotel Hacienda.

With 20 years of workshops and with more than 3,000 trained people, today, Los Cabos has a network with high national and international standards dedicated to the Conservation of Sea Turtles, which is demonstrated with excellent results during each nesting season!

Thanks to all the members of the Network, but today especially to the Hotel Ventanas and all the staff who made the protection of the female and her nest possible.

Note: This was sent to us by the participant and witness to the spawning of this Leatherback turtle. We will provide more details and author credit in a later post.

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