standard-title Land’s Ends Cabo

Land’s Ends Rock Formations Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This series of monumental rock formations, known as Land’s End Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Land’s End Baja California Sur, sometimes called the Friars, has many meanings and feelings for different people.

Lands End Cabo poster with sand under the arch

Lands End Cabo poster with sand under the arch

“The tip of the Cape at San Lucas, with the huge gray Friars standing up on the end, has behind the rocks a little beach which is a small boy’s dream of pirates. It seems the perfect place to hide and from which to dart out in a pinnacle on the shipping of the world; a place to which to bring the gold bars and jewels and beautiful ladies, all of which are invariably carried by the shipping of the world. And this little beach must have so appealed to earlier men, for the names of the pirates are still in the rock, and the pirate ships did dart out of here and did come back.”
The Log From the Sea of Cortez, by John Steinbeck.


The scenic arch at Land’s End is what the passengers aboard gigantic cruise ships anchored off Cabo San Lucas gaze upon. It’s the picture on the postcard that everyone wants, the image most photographers need; it defines Cabo San Lucas and perhaps the entire Cape Region more than any other single scene.

You cannot hike to Lands End Cabos San Licas, it can only be accessed by boat. And the best view of Los Arcos, The Arch is by boat. A very inexpensive trip by Glass Bottom Water Taxi can be purchased at the Marina. Water is rough but can be landed on Pelican or Lover’s Beach. Divorce beach is dangerous and they don’t allow swimming due to dangerous undertows. For this reason they should call is Widow Beach (but they don’t)>


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