La Cofradia Tequila - Factory Store in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Mexico
La Cofradia

Is a company that has been producing and bottling tequila for more than 50 years. Our experience in the Tequila industry has converted us in one of the finest in the market. Currently we are the seventh biggest exported of Tequila in Mexico, always adapting ourselves and responding to the needs of a global market.

During the last years we have exported successfully our Tequila to countries like: United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Japan, New Zeland, Malaysa, Germany, France, Italy an Spain among others. Thanks to a joint work with our customers so they can find the prefect product that watch their market needs, our products have been widely accepted around the world.

Satisfying the most demanding tastes, LA COFRADIA, company of quality and tradition, is present around the world with a great variety of brands of this liquor exclusively made in Mexico.

From Mexico to the world, our Tequila!
Tequila Amate Artesanal

Amate, hand made by Mexican Artist, is part of our ancient history and symbol of our deepest traditions.

Supreme tequila made with the purest blue agave and highest standards of production, blended together with a beautiful decanter individually crafted in crystal. Pleasure to the connoisseur’s palate is created by the array of flavors and aromas in Amate, made with patience and dedication to quality. Amate, the mystic drink of the gods.

La Cofradia (Iguana Edition)

Satisfying the most demanding of palates is one of the missions of “La Cofradia”, company with a great tradition in the industry that in 1995 inherited its name to this tequila 100% of agave. Art, nature and tradition come together in this tequila, what makes different “La Cofradia, iguana edition” it’s the decorative ceramic decanter, hand-crafted by Mexican craftsmen

Los Cofrades

This tequila acquire refinement and maturity after aging twenty-four months in white oak barrels. These characteristics are also shared the cofrade from which the name derives a community elder who, in the past, was held in high esteem for his wisdom.

The Hernandez family sought to provide this tequila with a beautiful ceramic bottle that would emphasize the cofrade’s staff as an emblem of his high standing


Only the most distinguishing palates can identify Artillero’s authentic taste, bottled on the region of Tequila, Jalisco. Elaborated 100% of blue agave, it rests in barrels of white oak during six months, The bottle’s form evokes the cannons that defended the forts during its colonial era.

The crystal clarity, smooth flavor and fruity character of this tequila is the result of the careful production process carried out by its creators, the Hernandez family, Europe is not exempt of the quality of this tequila, therefore Artillero exports to France.

Photographs from the La Cofradia Tequila Distillery

La Cofradia

Tequila Factory Store
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Calle Francisco I. Madero
Esquina M. Hidalgo y V. Guerrero, Col. Centro

Tel. (624) 143 - 3991

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