Galeria de Kaki Bassi - Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Galeria de Kaki Bassi, Cabo San Lucas

The Kaki Bassi Gallery (Galeria de Kaki Bassi) represents the work of a variety of artists from all over Mexico.

kaki bassi cave art painting cabo san lucas

kaki bassi cave art painting cabo san lucas

Kaki Bassi has lived and worked in Cabo San Lucas for the last 17 plus years.

She credits her unique style to some of the local rock and cave art found in the area, and also in Italy. Her works are often large in size and she uses textures and forms similar to those found in the pre-historic caves. Kaki has become one of the leading artists in Mexico and her art can be seen in many hotels and homes. If you find yourself in Baja, but can't make it to the caves, Kaki's Gallery is the next best thing!

kaki bassi painting cabo san lucas

Excerpt from Los Cabos Magazine Issue #8 - by Sabrina Lear

Convinced Cabo was the place for her, Texan artist Kaki Bassi moved from Houston after a short vacation to the area in 1984. She spent the first two years at the Vagabundos trailer park painting outside under a palapa and gathered the few artistic souls in town together for libations at Señor Sushi’s, the hot spot back in those days. Eventually, she built her studio home retreat in Brisas del Pacifico, where she lives today. In the late-1980s she organized Southern Baja’s first, all-women show at the Galeria Carlos Olachea in La Paz, attracting 35 artists. Her tireless efforts to promote arts and crafts in the Cape region led her to organize an annual arts and crafts festival called Splash, now in its ninth year.

After earning her M.F.A. from Texas A & M, Bassi painted and exhibited in Europe and taught briefly at Homerton College in Cambridge, England. Her work hangs in Canada, the USA and México, with seven pieces in the Mexican government’s permanent collection. Active in promoting Mexican artists, Bassi also exhibits painters Najera and Nolasco as well as other local and mainland artists. Her own well-known works in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media are also on display. Known predominantly for her masterful interpretations of the rupestrian art of Baja’s Sierra San Francisco near San Ignacio, Bassi also paints colorful scenes of Mexican life and conducts twice-weekly art classes.

Bassi recently opened her new gallery space at Puerto Paraiso, near Hagen Dazs on the main level. The striking two-level space is sleek and contemporary. Her flagship signature gallery, Galeria de Kaki Bassi, has 3,000 square feet of hanging space at Morelos and Alikan in Cabo San Lucas, eight blocks up from the main light at Lazaro Cardenas. Original fine art along with prints, posters and sculptures are on exhibit at both locations.

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