post-title Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of April 10 to April 17, 2017

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of April 10 to April 17, 2017

As The Admiral Seas It | Stop By Our Office For Up To Date Fishing Report.


Footbal Size Tuna 50 Miles 0ut! | Inshore: Sheepshead, Snapper And Grouper!

Sierras Dropping Bait Chunks! | Skipjacks At The Lighthouse!

1150 Spot For Marlin, But Slim Pickens! | Smoke Your Catch

Weather Is Great! | A Few Wahoo Still Here!

3 Sharks And 3 Marlin In One Day | How To Cook Rooster Fish: Inside Info!

Warm Weather Setting In? | Many Rooster Fish Recipes Inside?

Jc Stuns Community With “The Marlin Chronicles”?

Chris Shouted: Jc, And I Wrote “The Chronicles” !

Fish Report Boy Says: Jc, And “The Marlin Chronicles” Is Pure Lies!!

Jamieb Says: Jc, And Classified Documents, Not A Chance!

Darrel Says: Jc Body Slammed His Grandmother Once, But “Marlin Chronicles”!

The Brits Says: Jc Is A Cream Puff, Not A Spy. “Marlin Chronicles”

Good Lord!


Headlines: April 17, 2017:


Jc, The Self Proclaimed Atheist Of Marlin And A Communist Bluegill Sympithisor Has Stunned The Community With, We Think False Reports, Of Some, So Called Highly Classified Documents Floating Around Called “The Marlin Chronicles”. Reports Of These Shady Documents Continue To Stun The Marlin World. Marlin Magazine Reports: That Jc, And Slithering Chris, As They Called Him In The Article? Were Trading In Arms For Marlin Hostages Being Held In Baja.


“The Marlin Chronicles” Supposedly Written By Jc While He Was In Marlin Bootcamp Has Shocked The Angling World.


Fish Report Boy Screamed: Look Man, Don’t You Guys Get It? Arms For Marlin Hostages!! Figure It Out Kids! Penn Reels, Shimano Rods, Garcia Reels, Berkely Line, Bass Pro Tshirts, Hollowpoint Melton Magic Lures.

These Are The Arms This Criminal Uses And Smuggles Across The Globe. Oh Yea, Jc Mister Nice Guy As All You Idiots Think, The Guy Smuggled 500,000 Pounds Of Melton Hollowpoint Magic Lures To Hawaii And 3,000 Garcia Mitchell Spinning Reels To Missouri To Slaughter Crappie And Perch. Theses Marlin Chronicles Are Made Up Of Jc,S Journal Over The Last Few Years. Did You Know Jc, “The Jackell” As They Call Him In Asia, Is Known To Have Shipped And Smuggled 1,000,000 Pounds Of King Busters And Jet Heads To Japan Over The Past Year To Infiltrate And Massacure As Many Tuna As He Could. Wake Up People, Chris Is Jc,S Number One Lackey And Yes Man And I Am Trying To Report This To The Public For This Lil Twirp Is Exposed To The World. We Will Have More Next Week On All The Criminal Activity That Jc And Chris Have Been Involved In Lately.


I Fish Report Boy, Vows To Always Tell The Truth, Even If I Do Get Fired By Jc. This Is My Oath To You And The All Our Readers!!!


Jc Sportfishing Charters Is A Family Owned And Operated Business And Has Been Fishing In Cabo San Lucas For The Past 18 Years. Jerry, Explains That His Charter Business Is Geared More For Families And Novice Anglers, Making Sure Everyone Who Charters A Boat With Him Have A Great Time And Lots Of Fun. We Welcome Families, And Groups. We Want Everyone Who Fishes With Us To Take All The Sites In And Have A Memorable Experience. This Is What Is Most Important To Us. We Have And Do A Few Tournaments Each Year And Can Cater To Fisherman Who Might Be Interested In Tournament Fishing. Well Lets Get On With The Fishing Report For This Past Week.


Weather: Been Very Nice All Week And We Can Really Feel The Heat Starting To Set In Over The Last Week And I Think Its Going To Be A Hot Summer In Cabo. So, Whats New. We Are Not Looking For Any Storm Activity Right Now But As We Get Into Summer We Will Get Some Tropical Activity.

Although, I Think We Had Enough With Hurricane Odile Year Before Last.

That Was Enough To Last A Lifetime, But For Now We Are Having Great Weather.


Water: Pretty Much The Same As Last Week As Far As The Water Temps Go.The Water Right Outside Cabo Harbor Is Right Around 72 To 74 Degrees And Actually Pretty Nice. Pacific Side Up And Around The Finger Baja Where It Was Dipping Down To 69 Degrees Is Still Cold Up There And It Is Like Night And Day Compared To The Pacific Side And The Cortez Side.


This Link Which Will Show You Water Temperatures For The Southern Half Of Baja.  Http://Www.Tempbreak.Com/Index.Php?&Cwregion=Cb


Billfish: Marlin Fishing Has Picked Just Stayed About The Same,  With Good Days And Bad Days. Lots Of Fish Stacked Up At The 1150 Area And Most Of Them Are Marlin. Pitching Live Bait At Them Along With Lures And Slow Trolled Ballyhoo Has Been Working Very Well. We Did Have One Boat Brave The Pacific Side And There Was 3 Boys Aboard Who Managed To Land 3 Sharks, And 1 Out Of The 3 Boys Did Score A Marlin Which Is Really Cool As We Love To See The Kids Land Some Nice Fish. The Boys Also Landed 1 Wahoo. None Of The Other Boats Wanted To Brave The Pacific Side That Day So The Boys Made A Good Choice To Over There. Congratulations Guys!!


Shark Fishing: We Have Been Catching Lots Of Sharks This Past Week, Bull Sharks And Hammerheads Are Lots Of Fun To Catch, But It Isn’t The Season For Them So We Are Catching Them Are Releasing Them. Lots Of Fun Be We Have To Release.


Dorado: Dorado Has Taken A Turn From Last Week With Just A Few Caught This Past Week. Some Of The Dorado Taken This Week Were Very Nice Fish And The Light House Was A Good Area For Dorado Using Lures And Slow Trolled Bait. Not A Lot, But It Is Getting Better And We Are Going Into Dorado Season Now.


Wahoo: There Are Wahoo Still Being Caught At Grey Rock On Jet Heads, Rapalas And Dead Cabilltos Being Slow Trolled. They Were Catching The Same Amount Of Wahoo As Last Week, But They Are Still Catching This Past Week. Looks Like A Lot Of Guys Have Been Spear Fishing In The Area And Really I Don’t Even Know If That’s Legal Or Not? I Heard One Boat Took 33 Wahoo And Another Boat 7 And At This Point I Am Wondering Where The Fish Cops Are As It Seems They Have No Problem Messing With The Sport Fishing Boats But Not Guys Out Spear Fishing. The Fish Cops Are Always Checking Our Limits, But They´Re Never Around When They Are Actually Needed. Anyway, There Is Wahoo In The Area.


Tuna: A Long Run To Get To The Tuna As It Seems They Are Out Like 50 Miles. They Have Been Showing Up At The Doughnut, But Not In Big Numbers, Although There Were A Few Taken On Cedar Plugs And Striker Kings With All Being Blind Strikes As There Were No Porpoise In The Area.


Inshore: Small Tuna And Even Some Sierras Lately. Action Inshore Has Just Been Ok This Past Week. There Was Some Dorado And Rooster Fish. The Roosters Are Averaging 12lb To 20lb And Being Landed From The Solmar To The Light House. Trolling Live Bait Has Been What There Hitting So Remember To Buy A Lot Of Live Bait If Your Fishing Roosters.


From The Admirals Kitchen!!


How To Cook Roosterfish?


A Challenging Game Fish, Roosterfish Isn'T Usually Considered A Tasty Food Fish. Its Distinctive Dorsal Fins — Seven Thin, Long Spines

— Rise When The Fish Becomes Excited, Giving The Fish Its Common Name.

An In-Shore Species Found In The Eastern Pacific Ocean From Southern California To Peru, Its Meat Is Tough And Has A Strong Flavor. Look To The Cuisine Of The Folks Who Reside On The Shores Near The Roosterfish’s Habitat For The Proper Ways To Cook This Beautiful Fish.



Things You'Ll Need


* Sharp Fillet Knife

* Non-Stick Skillet

* Cooking Spray


* Lime

* Salt

* Pepper


Fillet The Fish With A Sharp Fillet Knife. Place The Fillet On A Work Surface, Skin Side Down. With Larger Game Fish Like Roosterfish, Hold The Tail As You Slice Away The Skin From The Meat, Placing Your Hand On The Skin As You Work Your Way Up The Fillet.


Remove The Bloodline; Roosterfish Have Large Bloodlines, Which Can Give The Fish A Strong Flavor. Once You Remove The Fillet From The Skin, Lay The Fillet Skin Side Up To Expose The Bloodline. Cut About 1/2-Inch Deep Along Both Sides Of The Bloodline In A “V” Shape To Completely Remove It.


Cut The Roosterfish Fillets Into Around Cubes, Sprinkle Them With Salt And Black Pepper And Marinate Them For 30 Minutes In Lime Juice. Saute The Fish In A Skillet Over High Heat Until Lightly Browned, Then Lower The Heat To Medium And Cook For About Five More Minutes. Like Other Members Of The Jack Family, Roosterfish Has Firm Flesh And Flakes When Done.


Tips & Warnings


After The Fish Is Done, Add Chopped Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic And Pepper To The Pan. When The Vegetables Are Soft, Add The Fish And Combine Well.



You Also Can Salt And Dry Rooosterfish In The Sun For Two Days And Then Slice It Thin. The Strips Can Be Fried Or Added To Sandwiches.


Beware: Please Beware Of The Guys In The Street Selling Boat Charters.

If You Wait Till The Day You Are Fishing And Go To The Dock Where Your Boat Is Many Times People Will Mislead You To Another Boat Or Dock Trying To Put You On A Boat That Was Not Meant For You. You Need To Have A Person Guide You To Your Boat, Who Is From A Reputable Charter Company. This Way There Is No Confusion Or Misleading. Please Remember When Renting Sport Fishing Boats In Cabo That You Rent Your Boat From Reputable And Established Business. Walk Into A Fishing Fleet Office And Ask Questions About What You Are Getting And What Are The Costs? You Don'T Want To Rent Boats From Vendors In The Streets And You Do Not Want To Book Through Shady Websites Offering You The World. Check Through Travel Forums About Reputable Fishing Fleets To Deal With. Look For Testimonials About The Fleet Your Booking, Your Charter With. Ask About What Will The Boat Be Supplying? Will It Include Beverages Or Lunches? How Much Does It Cost To Fillet Your Catch? Check To See If Charter Boat Is Insured? Ask About Getting Your Catch Smoked? Check Cost Of A Fishing License. These Are Just A Few Things To Consider When Booking Your Charter Boat. We Will Be Talking More About This In The Next Weeks Fishing Report. Until Next Time Good Fishing And We Hope To See You In Cabo Soon. Come By The Office Here In Cabo And Get All The Latest Up To Date Fishing Report. Http://Www.Jcsportfishing.Com  Http://Youtu.Be/Tsxn6pifqyq

Craig Leonard

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