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United Business Consultants

United Business Consultants

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

Doing business in Mexico?

Come to Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados!!

United Business Consultants, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MéxicoUnited Business Consultants – We are a group of professionals, administrators, accountants and attorneys at law, experienced and well trained to take good care of your business in Mexico.

With more than 41 years’ experience attending business in Los Cabos and La Paz area, our team of experts, is very familiar with operating with all levels of local, state and federal government.

United Business Consultants, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MéxicoWe have a bilingual staff to immediately attend your needs. So if you are looking forward to establishing a business in Mexico, or forming a Mexican Corporation, or you need advice on tax planning, immigration issues, closing real estate transactions, planning to develop or restructure your business, hiring or firing employees, IMSS, or to take care of old problems that you have been searching long for a solution, or maybe using an existing Corporation to be used for business or real estate purposes, wherever your needs lie.

Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados
founder and Director Javier de Uranga, has more than 39 years of experience and work in Los Cabos, having assisted hundreds of satisfied clients on doing business in Mexico.


Our main objective is to assist our clients who want to open a business in Mexico and or to support them with legal issues that may rise while are going through, with their existing business.

We are associated with Federal Public Notary number 6 (in Spanish Corredor Público) for all Mercantile Issues that in Mexico require of this service.

We have extended our service to Civil Law matters, such as Real Estate, Contracts, leasing; Labor Law, representing employers; Family Law, Divorce, child custody, family violence; Tax Law.


With more than 39 years in the local Real Estate market, we are on top of all the changes of the Foreign Investment Law and the Bank Trust modifications. We are familiar with the required paperwork to close successfully all kind of real estate transactions.

We represent buyers for closing real estate transactions, forming Bank Trusts, making contracts, and reviewing legal documents of ownership.

We represent sellers, to prepare their paperwork to be able to sell and plan their taxes.


Taxes are quite different in Mexico than in other countries. Understanding the tax structure may not be an easy task. United Business Consultants guides you through the legal requirements placed on business in Mexico, obtaining your business licenses setting ups, importing or exporting; and to properly plan your taxes.


When in Mexico, you are ALWAYS required to have a valid MEXICAN immigration document such as a MEXICAN VISA, or a tourist card.

Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados can assist you with your Visa, Working Papers, as well as other legal Immigration issues.

If you are staying for 180 days or more in Mexico as a tourist, or are subject to one of the following conditions you need a specific immigration document:

  • If you are working; with or without compensation.
  • If you are Mexico under a tourist visa, but are involved in another activity other that leisure.
  • If you are a representative of a Mexican Corporation,
  • If you are an officer of a Home Owners’ Association, a Civil Association, or a non-profit organization.
  • You are representative of a foreign business or firm doing business in Mexico.
  • You are an artist performing in Mexico
  • You are a Student in Mexico.
  • You want to open a MEXICAN BANK ACCOUNT
  • You want to move your home contents to Mexico
  • You are seeking for business opportunities in Mexico

Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados will assist you with obtaining all necessary immigration and working documents in a rapid and cost effective manner.

Forming your Mexican Corporation

If you want to open a business in Mexico, the most effective method is to form your own MEXICAN CORPORATION.

Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados has a turnkey business package that provides you with:

  • Determination of the appropriate business structure
  • All pertinent registrations
  • All standard business licenses
  • Proper immigration visa processing for the corporation representatives.
  • Optional Accounting services
  • Optional Trade marks

Do not hesitate and call us now to set an appointment with one of our experts. Allow us to implement the success of your endeavors.

At Duran Uranga & Cuervo Abogados our bi-lingual staff speaks YOUR language!

Contact JAVIER DE URANGA at e-mail address: javierdeuranga@outlook.com or javierdeuranga@gmail.com

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