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Los Barriles

Los Barriles

East Cape, Baja California Sur, México.


Los Barriles – The beaches of Los Barriles, located along Las Palmas Bay, are full of multi-colored parachutes and sails from the visitors who love to practice sports such as wind surfing and sailboarding. From March to December, the winds that predomínate the zone let theses adventure lovers to live their favorite experience. The local hotels have instructors and specialized equipment for these sports. Los Barriles is a beach that still has a relaxed and informal atmosphere that made Baja California Sur a popular place.

Besides sportsfishing, wind surfing is highly popular. There are also exciting quad rides along the hills up to several beaches with transparent water where you can snorkel or relax for a while before returning to Los Barriles. Off road is also highly practiced in the surrounding areas.

There are huge extensions of desert beaches where you can walk along dirt roads and see with nomad surfers and Young travelers who arrived to explore this remote corner in Mexico.

Sportfishing in Los Barriles is an activity that attracts tourist from the entire world and who take part in the anual tournaments such as the Bisbee Circuit that is held in September and that is taken by hundreds of international fishing lovers who compete for the first prize.

Few places in the Gulf of California are as rich in flora and fauna as Los Barriles. One of the species that are abundant is the whale shark, a harmless species for men since, unlike its feared relatives: it only eats diminutive animals and algae. Its mouth that can measure up to one meter has no teeth so it filters its food through its gills.

The fleet that is part of Los Barriles area includes yachts and fishing vessels completely equipped with experienced captains that can take you to the areas where a great piece can be fished.

Los Barriles is also de home of the Brown pelican, a marine bird that mainly eats sardines that are captured on the water’s surface and thanks to the density of its shoals.

When nesting, pelicans can be very sensitive to humans so it is forbidden to visit the surrounding islands during the summer, its reproductive season.

Hotel Palmas de Cortez
Los Barriles Baja California Sur, MéxicoIn Los Barriles on the East Cape region of Baja California Sur, Mexico is 65 miles south of La Paz & 45 miles north of San Jose del Cabo. Located in a lush garden setting on a wide sandy beach, with 2,840 ft hard-packed dirt landing strip. This amazing resort has become known worldwide as one of the premier vacation and big-game fishing spots in the world, consistently producing huge numbers of blue, black, and striped marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish and more. Thousand pound billfish have been known to prowl submarine canyons and drop-offs just a few miles off shore.

Agave Hotel & Cantina
Beachfront Hotel on the  the East Cape. They advertise as the Best Hotel Value in Los Barriles

Los Barriles Hotel
Vacation Hotel
. Fishing, Diving, Windsurfing, and Relaxation.
20 de Noviembre S / N Section # 50 Los Barriles BCS,  Phone: 01-800-083-5529

Hacienda de Palmas
A small boutique hotel, centrally located in La Ribera, and overlooks the Sea of Cortez. We enjoy providing great personal service, and helping our guests create the perfect Baja adventures.

Punta Pescadero Paradise
Spacious, comfortable and elegant with 24 Villas-Suites. Hotel Punta Pescadero Paradise offers you the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a spectacular sunset.



Los Barriles Baja California Sur


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