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Elizabeth Hernandez Photographer

Elizabeth Hernandez Photographer

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Elizabeth Hernandez PhotographerElizabeth Hernández, is a professional Cabo San Lucas photographer who specializes in weddings and individual and family portraits. Elizabeth is a graduate of the much esteemed and famous Activa School of Photography in Coyoacan, Mexico City; with another campus location in the Del Valle neighborhood north of Coyoacan. Miss Hernandez has over 12 years of experience photographing weddings, portraits, special events, musicians, as well as collaborating with restaurants and various big and small companies; in putting to use of her photographic skills in capturing beautiful images of their food and products.

Her distinct, artistic style showcases the smallest of detail with every photo and highlights the beauty and simplicity of each image. Lending further credence to the world famous March 10, 1927 by Fred R. Barnard phrase, ”That a picture says a thousand words.” The notion that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be expressed by a single solo image; some of which can take your breath away.

The Bilingual and exceedingly talented Elizabeth Hernandez, fluent in both English and Spanish, has a proven spectacular eye behind the lens ability that leaves all her clients content and happy with their wonderful memories captured by her camera and eye for the amazing.

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Elizabeth Hernandez Photographer – 21 February 2020 – JAT


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