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El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline

El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

el-squid-roe-cabo-logoWE ARE BACK We are very excited to share great moments with you again. The safety and health of everyone is the most important, so we have applied the measures necessary to continue receiving guest little by little. THANK YOU!
A few years ago, Party CEO, Pablo Recasens said that his sole job every evening is to make sure everything keeps moving and that the people are happy and enjoying the Cabo San Lucas nightlife. He is the hub of the goings-on throughout the two-story El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline. A voyeur’s heaven and totally outrageous, but take note, El Squid Roe nightclub, in downtown Cabo San Lucas is definitely not for the prudish or the faint of heart. Energetic. Colorful. Friendly. Non-stop fun, fun, fun. From the moment you enter this fun-house called El Squid Roe, in downtown Cabo San Lucas, you’re bound to come out feeling more alive, more open-minded and wanting more!

El Squid Roe, nightclub, dance hall and restaurant, now an Icon of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, is three stories of pulsating energy and more crowded than ever. Some nights, making your way from the entrance to the top floor restrooms can take forever. On the way, anything is bound to happen. El Squid Roe is one of the most popular dance clubs in the nightlife scene of Cabo San Lucas. Waiters equipped with spray tanks of tequila ply their way through the throngs while table-dancing patrons get lost in the loud dance beat. The open-air dance floor, on the main level, is surrounded by hoards of onlookers three levels high. Located in downtown Cabo, this is one place where the waiters definitely deserve danger pay.

What is it about this place that makes it one of only a few local bars that has seen over a decade worth of party-seeking tourists? And what is it that keeps these tourists coming back time after time? Well, I checked it out and this is what I found.Standing on a custom built, industrial looking platform in the center of the main floor, he raps, he sings, he engages his crowd and coaxes all to move, groove, and otherwise let themselves go; but most of all, he never lets the party stop!  El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline is located on Lazaro Cardenas at Blvd. Marina across from Plaza Bonita Mall, Cabo San Lucas, BCS CP 23410 Mexico.
Dinner served until 11pm. From 9 am to 11 pm for Breakfast, Food & Dinner!

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El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline – Cabo San Lucas – 23 July 2020 – JAT



Lazaro Cardenas at Blvd. Marina, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Mexico


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