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Casasus Fotografia – Narno Casasus Photography

Casasús Fotografia Photography

Narno Casasús, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Narno Casasús, has more than 20 years of viewing the world through his photographic eye, with an unequaled way of capturing the precious special moments during his two decades as a photographer extraordinaire. Through his impressive works behind the lens, Narno Casasús, was deservedly recognized as an honorable mention professional in the nationwide contest held by the Mexican Photographic Committee. He was appointed an Ambassador Panasonic Lumix for three years, and was in charge of one of the five photo studios that work for LG worldwide.

Casasús was also a photographer for Intrend Magazine Monterrey, and hired for his photographic genius at the restaurant Mar del Zur by Chef Palazuelos. Narno has been invited during two consecutive years to the Festival of Latin American Art in San Diego California; where he worked as the Photography Instructor in led the studio photography and outdoor lighting workshops.

His commitment to photography goes beyond the outer limits of the industry, wherefore, he has in the past and continues even today, doing whatever is necessary to satisfy the most fine quality requirement that any customers requests. Everything from hanging sixty meters high on an indoor roof, to launching himself with a para-glider, in order to best serve his clients. His works include food, fashion, dance, commercial, business, models,  music, nudes, nature, sports, and special events.


“Veo mi mundo a través de la foto” – “I see my world through the photo”



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