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Baja Shark Experience Los Cabos

Baja Shark Experience Los Cabos

Based in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is a very special place.


logo baja sharkThe peaceful Sea of Cortez merges with the untamable Pacific Ocean. Two major currents coincide into one of the most biologically abundant marine habitats on earth. Submerged canyons host the collision of these two massive currents that make for nutrient-filled waters, in turn welcoming the grand migration and providing an ample habitable ecosystem for a variegated variety of marine life to thrive and prosper. The apex predators unlimited fish smorgasbord.

Baja Shark’s competent and highly experienced team ferry new adventurers out to the abundant depths, where these apex predators are consistently sighted. Calm blue pristine waters make for superb visibility while swimming and interact with these majestic ancestral killers. Mako Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Silky Sharks, and Blue Sharks frolic at times amidst Rays, Whales, Orcas, and Marlins. Luck determines the nature of the experience.

Mexican waters prolific biodiversity of sharks is a result of its rich marine and coastal environments. There are approximately 500 species of sharks around the world and at least 24 species can be found prowling the Gulf of Mexico.

Baja Shark’s Experience 10 years as a professional shark diving company. We’ve never come across an aggressive shark, never has the been a shark-biting incident. Not even a nibble. Daily Charters spread out over the past 10 years stand to show that we can co-exist with sharks. We treat them with respect and kindness and these intelligent marine creatures return the courtesy.

Baja Shark Experience promotes sustainable shark expeditions and supports shark conservation efforts. We are a part of an incredible conservation effort to create a biosphere around Baja California Sur with world-class conservation photographer and Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, Shawn Heinrichs. And Co-founder of SeaLegacy, an organization creating awareness towards restoring the ocean.

List Of Activities

  • Swimming with Sharks
    Custom Expeditions for PROs or Private Groups
    Marlins Expeditions
    Summer Shark Expeditions
    Mobula Rays Snorkeling & Freediving Experience
    Freediving Courses in Cabo
    Scuba Diving in Cabo

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Boulevard Paseo de la Marina 24 B, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., México


22.8796712, -109.9082372



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