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AMC Hospital Cabo

AMC Hospital, American Medical Center

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

amc-hospital-american-medical-center-caboWe are a company dedicated to provide a broad expert response to any medical need with the best technology, the best hospital and pre-hospital service, is a leading company in the Los Cabos region, with extensive experience, recognition, trust and satisfaction of our patients. We are a relatively new Hospital in Cabo San Lucas, American Medical Center Hospital, or the AMC Hospital.

We have several medical services such as: Mastography, Tomography, X-ray, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Operating room, Intermediate Therapy, Intensive Care, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Shock Trauma. We invite you to know our facilities with pleasure!

Somos un Hospital Nuevo en Cabo San Lucas. Contamos con diversos servicios médicos como: Mastografía, Tomografía, Rayos X, Laboratorio, Farmacia,Quirófano,Terapia Intermedia, Terapia Intensiva, Servicio de Urgencia las 24hrs, Shock Trauma. Te invitamos a conocer nuestras instalaciones con mucho gusto!   Asistencia: 624-143-4911.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HospitalAMCLosCabos

American Medical Center Hospital, or AMC Hospital – 07 September 2020 – JAT



Paseo de la Marina 4116, Col. El Médano, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, B.C.S, México


22.88993119860998, -109.9083048128481

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