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International Land Title - Title Search Company - Mexico’s best real estate information source for property investors in Mexico.
Providing title searches for Fidelity in Mexico.

About International Land Title
Mission Statement

The mission and principal goal of International Land Title (ILT) is to become Mexico’s best source of real estate information – to provide a valuable and needed service to our customers – domestic and foreign investors of real estate in Mexico.

To become Mexico’s primary and best choice for real estate information, ILT will employ both the best available technology and good people. We will use these resources to gather, transform, and deliver useful, accurate information and present that information on a timely basis and in an understandable and interesting way.

We must be dependable, our credibility as a service provider demands that we deliver vital information as we process transactions. Through our work, we should inform and educate. We should strive to elevate the understanding of the real estate investor and in this way increase the usefulness and demand of our products.

Fulfilling these goals and achieving our mission will require the commitment, dedication, hard work, and teamwork of all ILT‘s employees. In return, ILT must provide the resources necessary to do the job a pleasant and secure environment, the opportunity for achievement and growth, and recognition and reward for accomplishment.

By working together to achieve these goals, we will make ILT a great company and a model for others to follow.

Buying property in Mexico… How do You know the land is your?

Buying real estates in Mexico is certainly an important investment.

The soundness of that investment is largely dependent upon the condition of the title to the land, because what you buy is not land but the title or interest to it.
Land is both permanent and immovable. No other property has a useful life that compares with it. Owners die, new ones take over; the title itself can be sold, exchanged, borrowed upon, given away, but the land itself goes on forever. Its appearance may change, but its location never will.

Because of these factors there is a completely different set of laws and procedures governing real estate. These laws and practices are so numerous and complex that it is impossible to be certain that there is no defect in the title, which would impair your right to the use of the land.

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