post-title Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Tropical Storm Lidia

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Tropical Storm Lidia

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Tropical Storm Lidia

The damage wreaked by tropical storm Lidia were not limited to the Los Cabos region, and neither have been the humanitarian efforts to help those most affected.

Los Cabos residents have been among those spearheading volunteer efforts in Los Cabos as well as nearby communities including Miraflores, Santiago, Las Animas, Barnabe, Agua Caliente, and more.

Isabelle Gagnon, a French-Canadian expat living in San José del Cabo, has helped organize several truck deliveries of water, clothing, hygiene products, and other necessities to various neighborhoods. She has posted callouts on social media, asking people to make donations to drop-off centers.

“Where would we all be without volunteers?” Gagnon asked. “We just finished another 200 deliveries to three different areas, and we were explaining to the people we provided help for, just how much work goes on behind the scenes; like the sorting and bagging.” A prep group of people whom she considers her A team of volunteers helped in devastated areas where it is estimated 2,000 homes were lost. “The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of strong desire, and deep passion to initiate and inspire change for the ultimate good of all, she continued. “It’s the common effort of all volunteers working long hours that is making a real difference in restoring and helping people in need, get back on their feet.”

Several GoFundMe pages have been started in the wake of Lidia. San Diego, California, native Jessica Ann Olsen says every dollar helps. “The money being raised is to cover expenses such as gas for the vehicles to get supplies to even the most remote areas affected,” she wrote on the Trop Storm Lidia Los Cabos relief page. Another fund raising effort was started by Robert Schultz called the Cabo Lidia Relief Fund. On his page, he states: “Scores of  resident of Los Cabos are in dire need of immediate assistance. Many areas in the poorest communities have been destroyed, leaving thousands homeless and without even the most basic necessities such a food and water. Many locals are working to help, but we need your help by way of cash donations.”

And Los Cabos Magazine staffers have opened up its offices as a donation center. Come daily 9 a.m.–6 p.m. with clothing in good condition, kitchen utensils, school supplies, baby formula, and any other products you could see helping families in need. For more information, call (624) 143-1346 or email

—Fernando Rodriguez Sept 16, 2017

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